Straight boys content removed

Straight boys content removed

Okay….so…. straight boys content removed from boyhoodmovies. Don’t worry I will make a new website for it and I will totally separate from boyhoodmovies. I’ve got many worried email from the visitors and I’ve agree with all of them. Maybe not was the best idea to posting here that content. Whatever. It was a nice try.

New image host is dead. Shit. Almost every picture replaced to imgbox, but if you find some missing pic content, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

Have nice weekend for everyone and thank you for your many comments/email, notice, suggestion!

Some new features and new info from

Some new features and new info from

Dear folks,

I’ve made a new info website about where you can check my website status (if you cannot reach). Please bookmark this link:

As you noticed, I’m using a new image host because the had some issue. I hope this new host is working better and if anyone has some issue with it, don’t hesitate to write me.

I was extremely busy this summer but now I have more time to change some old movies to new and better quality. Please check the comment section every day.

I’m thinking about a new category but before I would like to ask your suggestion. So…here is my idea: I’m a big collector of the straight porn (legal teen boys with girls/woman). For example I’m fan of Jordi el Nino Pola and Jimmy_Michaels and many others.
If you would like to download these porn files from me I can upload it. But the question is: where should I upload? I can use this website or I can make a new domain for it.
Please send to me your suggestion here via comment or write mail for me.

And finally: I’m working on a big big new project but that is let is surprise, yet. Of course boyhood themed, but not similar as boyhoodmovies. I will ask some “older” boyhoodmovies visitor for the beta testing 🙂

So…comment or mail me your suggestion.

Thank you so much!