Novecento aka 1900 (1976)

Novecento aka 1900 (1976)

Novecento aka 1900 (1976)

Novecento aka 1900 (1976)
18 | 5h 17min | Crime, Drama, History | 21 May 1976 (France)


The epic tale of a class struggle in twentieth century Italy, as seen through the eyes of two childhood friends on opposing sides.

User review:

One of the most perfect historic contemporary pictures ever made. Wonderful performances of the actors Robert de Niro, Gerard Depardieu, Burt Lancaster and Donald Sutherland. This film tells us a story of two mans (Alfredo and Olmo) born in the same day back in the beginning of the twentieth century – Alfredo is a landowner, Olmo is a peasant- and their relation with friendship, love, politics. ( I think this is a film about how friendship can be true in a cruel half century that was the fist half os the “novecento”).

There is a Marxist view about life and about cinema itself in this Bertolucci film: the two main characters, Alfredo and Olmo, symbolize the strike between the two classes of the capitalism – the high bourgeosie that owns the land where live the proletarian. The picture tries to prove that their lives are different in the way that their different social condition can interfere. In the beginning Alfredo and Olmo are very close, because they are only child. Alfredo tries to be like Olmo. He sees in his friend the freedoom that he hasn’t. He wants to be a socialist.

I recommend this picture to all who like good cinema.

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Writers: Franco Arcalli, Giuseppe Bertolucci
Stars: Robert De Niro, GĂ©rard Depardieu, Dominique Sanda
Country: Italy | France | West Germany
Language: Italian
Release Date: 21 May 1976 (France)
Also Known As: 1900
Filming Locations: Busseto, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Novecento aka 1900 (1976) Novecento aka 1900 (1976)

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Duration : 5 h 16 min
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  1. Brandon says:

    I download the 1080 and there are no subtitles.

  2. PaulT says:

    Hi, believe the 1080p download has been corrupted. Can you fix? Thanks in advance.

  3. bhm says:

    It wan’t corrupt. Anyway…..I uploaded in one file.

  4. Scott says:

    It’s dubbed in English. 🙁

  5. bhm says:

    Better copy added

  6. Kaiden says:

    The blond teenager playing with his nice, smooth erection while showing it to his friend, is both very cute and very arousing 😉

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