Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018
Rechazados (original title)
1h 28min | Fantasy, Drama | 2018


In a future medieval world, after the collapse of our civilization, man has repeated all the same mistakes again, and installed a new system of law based on false science and superstitious beliefs. Worst of all their deviances now, is anyone who dares to consume or even touch the sweet-tasting ‘Chisa’ flower. Once caught, they are permanently banished from the village, and made to live a life of solitude and poverty. Most prone to this deviance are children – known by elders as ‘vessels for evil’ – since their natural curiosity makes them prey to temptation. Yet these rejected children, left to their own devices, free and as wild as the wind, are discovering the true power of this plant and its teachings. Its sap contain what most adult fear: a vision of the truth. They have learned so much that some villagers even accuse these children of witchcraft.

User review:

In the future, hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization, mankind has returned to a stage comparable to that of the Middle Ages. As was the case back then, archaic structures have grown up that are characterized by steep hierarchies, superstitions and hypocrisy, while scientific knowledge and enlightenment are frowned upon or simply ignored.

Behavior deviating from the norm is severely punished, especially as regards the tempting chisa plant, a small red flower that grows in the mountains. The doctrine states that their juice is the blood of the devil, and whoever tastes of their sweet juice or even touches it is outlawed. This is also because it puts the consumer in a trance that gives them a vision of true reality, which is interpreted as witchcraft.

Children, whose natural curiosity makes them susceptible to violation, are particularly affected by this moral claim. So suspicious, they are regarded as “vessels of evil” and closely guarded, and sinners have to live in a camp in the wild, where, in addition to bitter poverty, they have to make further sacrifices that serve the not necessarily noble purposes of the community

Director: Iván Noel
Writer: Iván Noel
Stars: Thiago Stampone, Ismael Stampone, Cristian Cavo
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Filming Locations: Córdoba, Argentina

Rejected 2018 Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018 Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018 Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018 Rejected 2018

Rejected 2018 Rejected 2018

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Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID : mp42 (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size : 3.28 GiB
Duration : 1 h 27 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 5 345 kb/s

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  1. terry mueller says:

    i downloaded file it was corrupted when i used winzip to unpack the file.. Please fix

  2. Geoff says:

    Hi Terry, I downloaded the file and used WINRAR to unpack it, and there is no problem at all now with the film and with the subtitles. Please try again.

  3. James says:

    Unfortunately file is indeed corrupted

  4. Tom says:

    This file is fine if extracted with WinRAR, thanks admin for your hard work.

  5. alx says:

    your website its awesome. the only problem i see is that all your files are in nitroflare and that i need a premium acount to download ; its a shame. please provide other sources for download

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    Could you possibly add a tag for spankings?

  7. وحید says:

    hi please men help me how can free download this movie in intenet or your sits and other sits how can download or watch online?

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