Tú solo 1984

Tú solo 1984

Tú solo 1984

Tú solo 1984
Documentary, Drama | October 1985 (USA)


In this docu-drama, a group of dedicated youngsters, ranging in age from eight to eighteen, live and breathe the controversial sport of bullfighting as well as the world of machismo. This coming-of-age film features the students themselves.

User review:

An amazing quasi-documentary with good performances from the young pre-teen and teenage actors. The nude bullfighting scene is fascinating without being exploitive, and it serves as an analogy for the vulnerability these young bullfighters have when in the ring with the bulls. Hard to find, but recommended.

Director: Teo Escamilla
Writer: Teo Escamilla
Stars: José Moratalla, El Chino Torero, Lucio Sandin
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: October 1985 (USA)
Filming Locations: El Espinar, Segovia, Castilla y León, Spain


Tú solo 1984 Tú solo 1984

Tú solo 1984 Tú solo 1984

Tú solo 1984 Tú solo 1984

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 2.99 GiB
Duration : 1 h 34 min
Overall bit rate : 4 524 kb/s

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19 Responses to Tú solo 1984

  1. Uwe Marsch says:

    Wie bekommt man den Film.
    Den gibt es nirgendwo.
    Der Film gefällt mir .

  2. Sleepers says:

    Is there a Blu Ray of this movie? Where is this transfer from?

    • Ali says:

      I think it’s their secret. Somehow they found a hi-def print of a “lost film.” No, there is no bluray for “Tu solo.” I’m just glad these guys found a good print and shared it.

  3. walt says:

    what’s the point of posting a movie no one can download?

  4. stivo says:

    can you send me a link to download it

  5. leo says:

    please can you upload it on google drive

  6. sleepers says:

    why are you all complaining, it is possible to download it, just with premium, these are the rules of nitroflare and any other major upload site, why do you think someone has to take all the time to split the movies so they can fit the free limit and then to take the time to join them again… and it takes forever to download… just invest in premium

    • walt says:

      if I could I would subscribe for the service or a Spanish streaming service that shows it. I really would love to see this film on good quality and I would appreciate it if u helped

    • walt says:

      Can you can upload it to uptobox, or google drive where it’s free to stream and download. As a favour ^^”

    • Edwinn says:

      That’s very easy if you can afford premium for those like me I will never be able to afford it

      • Ali says:

        I thought that at first, but it’s only $15 for an entire month; which means you can download many, many ultra-rare movies that would cost hundreds of dollars if you bought them; and many movies available here don’t even exist on any dvd format. I finally signed up and It’s really worth it.

  7. Mark says:

    Hey guys!
    Nice site with nice movies here. 🙂
    But why are you forcing people to buy Nitroflare premium?
    Also on free download Nitroflare is so incredibly slow it would take days to download bigger files.
    There are plenty of free hosters you can download at full speed! So if you want more people download your files why no using these hosters? 🙂

  8. Kiyan says:

    Hi, why there is no alternative link like Rapidgator (happy premium member). NitroFlare premium member; expensive fees and it always failed when to pay with credit card?!.

  9. Edgar says:

    I agree with you Walt ño point to post a film when it’s too difficult to find it

  10. Ali says:

    Wow, this is such a great movie, really the ultimate “coming of age” film, as these boys step into the ring and face some giant, ferocious looking bulls. There is some incredible documentary footage of real bullfighting, nothing is faked here. Many scenes are hard to watch as these kids get thrown, trampled and gored by the bulls, then get right back into the ring to do it again! “Tu solo” serves to show how amazingly different the culture of Spain is; while children in most of the Western World are coddled and over-protected, the parents of these youths are ok with their sons risking their lives to be modern day warriors, as they become men during the course of the film. The most unforgettable scene is when the one boy almost loses his eye to a bull’s horns! It’s unbelievable. This is unfortunately (but understandably) a very rare title that will most likely NEVER get an official release. These days bullfighting is looked upon with disgust and is very un-PC. I’m grateful therefore, that this copy is available. For those interested in the sport of bullfighting, this is absolute essential viewing.

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