Close 2022

Close 2022

Close 2022

Close 2022
1h 45m | Drama | 1 November 2022 (France)


The intense friendship between two thirteen-year old boys Leo and Remi suddenly gets disrupted. Struggling to understand what has happened, Léo approaches Sophie, Rémi’s mother. “Close” is a film about friendship and responsibility.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving suicide and brief strong language.

User review:

Close is a masterfully crafted look at the changing adoration shared between two adolescent boys. It is a skillfully written and directed by Lukas Dhont, who breaks the films into a classic three part narrative. Each chapter progresses though summer, fall, winter and then spring again and each depicts a new phase of the boys friendship. These changes are told with great effect and provoke emotions in the viewer ranging from joyful satisfaction and warm comfort to betrayed anger and even grief.

Close is set in the seemingly bucolic Belgian country side. And the film-makers take full advantage of the beautiful but labor intensive flower farm our one lead is growing up surrounded by. It is here amidst the farm’s blossoming glory we are introduced to the indelible adolescence friendship of Léo and Rémi. For the first third of the film the two are inseparable. Rémi who lives on the same road to town spends his days at the farm and Léo then stays over at Rémi’s most nights. Both are not yet burdened with chores of the rural life. So they get to idle away the rest of their last summer before secondary school in play and hi-jinx. Clearly this is how the friendship has been for a long while. And in that moment both would swear nothing could ever divide them.

The inseparable boys share a closeness that they manifest in a tactile intimacy with each other. This tenderness is nurtured by both families and particular by Rémi’s Mother, a maternity ward nurse, who also likes to cuddle warmly with the boys. As an audience we observe the tender support and devotion each offers one and other with natural questioning of their sexuality. We, at the Directors leading, begin to wonder if at least one of the boys feels more than just platonic love for the other. To be clear the film presents almost no spoken homophobia from its many secondary characters to this possibility. The film is clearly set in present day Belgium. So much so even the main sport depicted in the film is hockey. So when at the end of summer the two are still inseparable amongst their new classmates. The fellow students although immature respond mostly with curiosity or disinterest to this possibility. But as the film’s setting shifts fully into the classrooms and court yard of a new larger secondary school, some adolescent bullying and unwanted attention increases. The boys begin to question if new personal boundaries are being laid out. Sadly this effects one boy more than the other but both must deal with the consequences.

As you might imagine for a film like this to succeed the two actors playing Léo and Rémi, need to be thoughtfully cast and very talented. And Eden Dambrine who plays the thoughtful Léo and Gustav De Waele who portrays the talented Rémi do so with skill beyond their years. Their performances are without truly fault. But some might find Léo’s cold unemotional response to the third act hardships as disconnected from the warm Léo we’ve been introduced too. This can be explained by the circumstances. But when the suppressed emotions are final dealt with in a wonderfully written climatic scene, one almost feels the response is just a little off the mark. And this is only notable because you do spend most of the third act waiting for this moment.

Close is well deserving of the critical praise it is receiving at top European festivals. And like the film’s plot which moves us from one season to the next it will be interesting to see if the film can find as much praise in an english theater market.

I do want to end on a small spoiler. This film does not end in a feel good moment but rather one that is as harsh and honest as the rest of the third act. It deals with real complex subject matter and young viewers should be prepared for truly sad story shifts.

Director: Lukas Dhont
Writers: Lukas Dhont, Angelo Tijssens
Stars: Eden Dambrine, Gustav De Waele, Émilie Dequenne
Countries of origin: Belgium, Netherlands, France
Languages: Dutch, French, Flemish

Close 2022

Close 2022

Close 2022

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34 Responses to Close 2022

  1. digi says:

    BHM Thank you! You are quick!

    Lukas Dhont, the director, won this year’s Grand Prize @ Cannes…. as well as dozens of other awards. He’s come a long way from his controversial film “girl.”

    The subtext of this movie reminds me of what Ivan Noel had done with his movies — In other words, the emotional highs and lows of his movies correspond to social uneasiness of subjects that people don’t want to talk about.

    DL this while you can! Hopefully not, but the motion picture police could be knocking at the door at any time. This is one of the movies I will be purchasing. If it is no longer here — Stream it, or buy it!

    BTW : The English subtitles are already installed.

  2. Franz-Josef Haglauer says:

    Hi – you found it. That’s absolutely great!!!

  3. Sammy says:

    Hi BHM, where did you get this movies from i have looked everywhere i can’t find it and i can’t sign into my account with Nitroflare anymore please help me

  4. Intacto says:

    Thank u..4 this movie.. could u upload another great film “Beautiful Beings” Original title: Berdreymi.. tnx!

  5. Howard says:

    I am blown away by the acting, the scenery, the story gave my heart a workout. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  6. Peter Day says:

    There would be another way to download the file. By Nitroshare it is not allowed to download the free version =/

  7. PAU says:

    can you upload on antoher free platform? With nitroflare is not available :((

  8. me says:

    This was the best movie I have seen in a long time.
    The acting of the main characters is extraordinary, especially Leo.
    A very touching movie, touching in many ways. And there is not one single moment where you get the feeling something is overdone – it always stops in the right moment (when you are close to the feeling you can’t stand it anymore).
    It’s a masterpiece.

  9. Master says:

    For me, the most powerful and saddest of all the films I have downloaded from this site.

    There cannot be a happy ending to this film; it would be wrong if there was. The burden that Leo would bear for the remainder of his life, and to bear at such an a young age, would be something he would never lose.

    I agree with what the reviewer wrote and also the comments made above.

    Sad too to think this could actually happen in real life. Peer presure, intended/unintended to conform to a norm can lead to lasting damage as this film so well demonstrates. Parents need to be attentive to avoid similiar outcome to this film.

    If Remi had lived, a lasting deep friendship would have been the reward for both boys.

    Lastly, I wonder what inspired its production.

  10. Jeff says:

    An absolute gem in all respects
    An Oscar might almost cheapen it. Almost.

  11. Devon McNally says:

    Here’s an excellent video interview with the director about how the film came to be:

  12. markus says:

    I watch this piece of art. Very sad feelings, of course. But same time I think, what the hell happened to American movies….? Nowadays American movies is so far behind…

    Same is American music. Full of crap.

    There is a difference. You can make art. Or you can make money. This movie is proof.

    And those boys. Omg…

    • Devon McNally says:

      The thing about American movies is that they are split into two separate industries – Hollywood and independent cinema. Art and commerce rarely intersect because of this. Hollywood movies are made to earn a profit for large conglomerates whose businesses include many other forms of entertainment. They largely rely on proven formulas like franchises, sequels, films based on comics or characters people already know. The filmmakers making art, the ones who want to tell a story and offer something original to audeinces, are making independent films outside Hollywood. Occasionally the independent films are picked up by divisions of the Hollywood studios and go on to make money, or independent distributors are able to earn a profit on their own with these films. And occasionally a Hollywood movie has some artistic value. But they are generally two separate things. So it’s not that something “happened to American movies” – it’s that “American movies” consist of two completely different forms of entertainment. Iti’s like painting. Some painters make money painting portraits that hang in galleries. Others make money painting houses. They are both painters but they are two completely different “businesses.”

      • markus says:

        I mean. This movie, “Close” is like very old American movie “Stand by Me”. Same story, different angle. But the feeling, genuity. Is same.

        Both movie is so well acted, you can feel things.

        But where is todays American “Stand by me”? Why South American movies is nowdays better than North?

        I want more Stand by Me:s, not Marvel crap. Or twentieth jurassic park/terminator/Star Wars sequels.

        American movies is nowadays crap, but television series are very good. Cinematic. Fellings. Like Mr Robot or Better Call Saul. I mean. What happened (American) MOVIES?

        This “Close” is very good example, you can make good movie. Even today.

        It is going to be theaters near future in my country (:

  13. Devon McNally says:

    You completely missed my point. The movies you’re complaining about are Hollywood movies. The movies you want to see, that you say are not out there, are independent films. They are all American movies but they are split into two industries.

    The thing is, there are LOTS of American “Stand By Mes.” Hundreds are made every year. Many are submitted to film festivals and are shown to audiences. In some cases, indie arms of studios see them and buy them for release. In other cases they are distributed by independent distributors. I see dozens of films like “Close” every year. I’ve seen hundreds over the past decade. They just aren’t being made by Hollywood studios and aren’t getting released in thousands of theaters. Some of them are right here on bhm.

  14. Jeffrey Dillon says:


    I’m so sad that this movie has been removed from your nitroflare link “This file has been removed due to infringement of copyright.” is there any way you could reupload or share some other way?

  15. digi says:

    FYI — Close is now available for VOD purchase — Vudu, Prime, etc. or if you are connected, there are free copies of Academy Award screeners out there.

    No sign when the Blu-ray will be for sale, but if it takes the same route as Hollywood type movies it should be available at your local video department in a few weeks.

    It’s totally worth the $20. — Considering I just went to the movies and paid a little more than that for Avatar (surprisingly, a boyhoodmovie, with Jack Champion and Britain Dalton as lead characters)

    • Porto says:

      Well said Digi. Everyone should buy this film, the people who made it deserve their payday and hopefully will be working making more gems like this for decades.

  16. PDC says:

    I can’t open the files, I have winrar but it says the files are corrupt, can anybody help?

    BTW you can buy it at in pal

  17. markus says:

    Funny. Movie is masterpiece of course, but very hard to watch in movie theatre. Every girl and women around me crying started from first act to entire movie….

  18. PDC says:

    To BHM

    didn’t you notice you haven’t had any downloads or comments recently? That’s because the rar files don’t work.

    • bhm says:

      I’ve checked and working on my side. There was many download without any other bac experience. I don’t know what the problem on your side.

      • PDC says:

        I finally succeeded to unpack the archives, I was using an old version of Winrar, I downloaded a newer one and it worked!! Thanks!

      • Evert Driesens (Antwerp Belgium) says:

        The way Gustav De Waele portrays Rémi is very haunting and very sensitive. He portrays the highly sensitive Rémi who can’t handle his sensitivity what leads to his act. It is a sad story but It gave me the opportunity to write dialogues between the two boys. In my dialogues they talk to eachother but they don’t know that from eachother. That gave me the strenght to cope with my past. I am happy that Lukas made such a sensitive film. I have made a workshop around my dialogues and the movie Close for youth. Very interesting and beautiful.

    • markus says:

      Multiple RAR-files, you must download every file. Don’t change filenames. Every file must be same folder. Then you use WinRAR/7zip or something (windows) or unarchiver (Mac). But you click and decompress only part1 file. The RAR-software automatically find other files in order and the whole movie is uncompressed, same folder after everything is complete.

  19. bhm says:

    @PDC: I’m glad 🙂

  20. Pyro Fire Flame Salvatore says:

    this is the film that hurt my heart so much. I feel Remi’s feelings so much. this leo is very hard-hearted. then in the last part remi will not be seen forever.leo is always looking for remi and doesn’t know where to find it. and that even though he knows that he will never find remi.maybe leo’s life is always incomplete. because it can be seen in the film that everywhere he looks and is always thinking deeply because he wants to see, talk to and be with someone and this is remi. it was really hard to get up in the morning once he got used to having remi always with him.but we can’t do anything because that’s what the movie wants to convey. which means that repentance is in the end🥺😭💔

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