Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966
1h 45min | Drama | 12 September 1966 (Sweden)


A man who has severe sexual and emotional inhibitions returns to his childhood home and recalls the debauched events that contributed to his current troubles.

User review:

Jan (Keve Hjelm) fights impotence (literal and symbolic) and anguished childhood memories in a decadent Swedish castle where risqué parties and daring scenes defy 1960s’ movie censorship, reaffirming the ground-breaking role of Swedish films in helping advance adult, sexually concerned themes in international cinema (q.v. Bergman’s “Through a Glass Darkly”, “The Silence” and “Persona”, Vilgot Sjöman’s “My Sister My Love/ Syskonbädd 1782” and “I am Curious Yellow”, etc). “Night Games” includes a bold flashback scene of Jan as a child (sensitive Jörgen Lindström, who played the young boy in Bergman’s “The Silence”) caught masturbating.

Former Swedish star Mai Zetterling’s third directorial effort is particularly interesting for atmosphere, decors and cast, but the film is heavily depressing and the rather obvious symbolisms have dated badly. Sphynx-like, marvelous Ingrid Thulin has a field day as the bitchy and sensuous mother; Keve Hjelm is engagingly honest in a role that requires bravado and emotional range. The film is influenced by Bergman’s “angst” films but also has an expressionist touch to it, because of Rune Ericson’s camera-work and experiments with different lenses.

If you like films with decadent-bourgeois flavor and angst-filled characters, this is for you. Of course, it’s also a must for Ingrid Thulin fans, but it’s probably a very difficult film to find these days.

Director: Mai Zetterling
Writers: David Hughes, Mai Zetterling (screenplay)
Stars: Ingrid Thulin, Keve Hjelm, Jörgen Lindström
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Release Date: 12 September 1966 (Sweden)
Also Known As: Night Games
Filming Locations: Penningby Castle, Stockholms län, Sweden

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

Nattlek 1966

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
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Duration : 1 h 45 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 21.4 Mb/s

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31 Responses to Nattlek 1966

  1. pong says:

    nitroflare link please. thanks. 🙂

  2. bhm says:

    Better copy added

  3. David Rayner says:

    Although understandably passed with an ‘X’ certificate at the time by the British Board of Film Censors, “Night Games” was given a general release in Great Britain in May, 1967, on Rank’s Odeon circuit, playing week long engagements. That was very unusual at the time for a foreign film with English subtitles. So it must have been considered worth releasing. Because of it’s mother and son incestual content, it would never get a nationwide cinema release today. But that just goes to show much freer the cinema was 53 years ago to show such things. As far as I know, there is no DVD of the film commercially available in either the US or the UK, although there are DVD-R’s of it around for those who want to track one down. I’ve seen them turn up on eBay from time to time. Groundbreaking scene for its time: The mother, who is more than a bit deranged, likes reading her young son erotic bed time stories in order to sexually arouse him, so she can hit him and shout at him when he begins playing with himself over them. Imagine the uproar if a scene like that was shown in a cinema these days.

    • rixx says:

      A great assessment. This also illustrates the difference in the ‘morals’ associated with nudity in relation to Western culture and European attitudes. Nudity at any age is not that big a deal and is not always sexualized. Ultimately, it creates a healthier attitude (IMO). That said, I can’t help but wonder what it was like for that little boy (and the woman playing his mom), given this movie is explicitly about incest (and he is implied to be masturbating in the film). I don’t think there’s any getting around this boy being exploited (by his parents’ consent). I cannot imagine what it would be like to have experienced this at his age, let alone in a movie! I hope he was not scared by it.

      • Devon McNally says:

        It’s an interesting question to ask – at least as far as the boy is concerned. I know it’s not an exact comparison but I saw a film at a film festival which includes a scene of incest where a mother is masturbating her son. In that case, it is very real. She takes it in her hand and starts playing with it. There was no fakery or prosthetics or stand-ins. He’s supposed to be 16-ish but was 18 at the time. It’s a shocking scene and one person walked out. In the Q&A the director talked about the scene. She said that the boy had no problem with it (no surprise) but that the woman, who was actually a very famous, well-known actress, was initially skittish about it and didn’t really want to do it. Eventually the director convinced her it was necessary (and I agree that without that scene the whole film falls apart) and the two actors did their job (no pun intended) professionally and authentically. BTW the film is here on BHM. It’s called “Home.”

      • Porto says:

        I read an interview some years ago about Nattlek. The boy was not bothered at all. Whoever was interviewed, I think it was the boy Jörgen about himself but maybe it was the woman playing his mom, said he happily stayed naked between takes and when they were setting up the next scene. I will try and find it later.

      • Porto says:

        Here it is:

        His short but memorable acting career was even made more memorable by his second feature film after The Silence, his one and only non-Bergman theatrical release, Night Games, which reunited him with his The Silence co-star Ingrid Thulin.

        The film’s very frank depiction of sexuality (which even included a full-frontal nude scene from him) caused some controversy and even resulted in the resignation of film legend Shirley Temple from the panel of jurors in the film festival screening it since the festival organizers refused to withdraw the film.

        “I don’t think it was such a big deal,” Lindström remembers with a laugh, “I do remember reactions in the papers, people worrying about that poor kid, who would be ruined for life. Well, I was 14 at that time, and not quite an innocent child any more. I can’t remember being embarrassed or anything. In fact I remember walking about nude on the set between takes. I don’t know. In a way, I guess I was still a child and innocent about it all, in another way I also knew a bit about ‘the facts of life’”.

        How does he feel about it now? “I think it’s kind of funny. No big deal. I sort of enjoy telling friends who have not yet seen the movie that they will be able to see me in the nude. Haha!”

  4. bhm says:

    Better copy added.

  5. Master says:

    Fully agree with David’s comment. Even more so than in 2020!

  6. bhm says:

    1080p version added.

  7. bhm says:

    Better copy added again 🙂

  8. Philatanus says:

    Swedish Boys are the epitome of beauty and sensuality!

    Love being surrounded by their beauty daily!

    Lovely share! Thanks BHM!

  9. Master says:

    That is one big download!

  10. RIXX says:

    Thanks DEVON for the info on HOME. In the context of my other point – BIG difference between a prepubescent child and a 16-year-old (probably the age of consent in Italy). Nonetheless, it was brave of all involved. I admire the artistic attitude around sex and nudity in Euro films.

    In reference to the sex scenes, Fien Troch said: “We decided quite late in the shooting that these scenes would be explicit. My intention was not to shock. But it would have been strange to film everything but the sexuality. It would have felt like the camera was hiding. The most difficult thing was to talk about it with the actors. What vocabulary to use? In the end, after discussing it with a thousand precautions, they were keen to try to get rid of the problem. I told them that if they were not comfortable, we would stop. The incestuous scene between John and his mother was possible because my two interpreters, Mistral Guidotti and Els Deceukelier, knew each other well. They came to the shoot together. Everyone felt comfortable. Intimacy is not necessarily where you think it is on a set. For example, the actor who plays Sammy, Loïc Bellemans, sometimes has anxiety attacks. I asked him to simulate this in the film and he admitted that it was the most difficult scene for him to do in the film. He never thought he could expose himself like that in front of someone, while next to that he had a masturbation scene! But it was less personally.”

    • Devon McNally says:

      Excellent, Rixx, thanks! BTW it was precisely because of the age difference that I said, “I know it’s not an exact comparison…”

      Besides what is on IMDb, Fien also told me some other interesting things about the scene with the boy and girl. Originally they didn’t think anything would be visible when shooting it from behind but the camera kept capturing glimpses of what was going in in the space between the kids’ arms and it was obvious it was simulated. At some point they gave up on that idea and she asked them if they would be willing to actually perform the act so that if the camera caught anything at least it wouldn’t look fake. She gave the boy right of refusal and they shot it with as much realism as possible, still not intending for anything to actually be seen on camera but doing it anyway just in case. As it turned out, the camera captured quite a bit and she showed him the footage and asked if it would be okay, reminding him that his parents, friends, etc. would be seeing it. He agreed that he was okay with it.

  11. Orion4 says:

    Wow, gee whiz, and outstanding video quality too.

  12. Naeem says:

    I have seen that naked scene somewhere from different camera angel
    In your version when the mother slide towel from chest to down and before reaching the boys penis the other camera comes and shows mother face (while mother is still rubbing towel)

    But in another version the same camera was on and we can se his penis while the mother is rubbing the towel

    Let me know if anyone have that version

  13. Orion4 says:

    Yes, my version shows a somewhat different scene on the bed than is presented here, but I haven’t watched it recently for a close comparison.

  14. Orion4 says:

    Yes but…you would be very disappointed – it’s a d/l of a very poor (original) VHS and private parts were edited. Details are fuzzy and greyscale. Video quality is a 5 compared to a 10 for the above file.

    Interesting that the HQ version here shows the boy bringing his knees together and curling his toes (usually a sign of male orgasm) just before it cuts to the mother’s face, of which you mention.

  15. markus says:

    I don’t understand why people here want to see boys tinkle different angel?

    Isn’t that showed very well that very good quality video?

  16. bhm says:

    New realese added.

    • No says:

      What’s the difference between the new release and the HD version?

    • Naeem says:

      I have downloaded the rar files but i am unable to extract it
      Used many apps also tried online but failed
      It gives error
      Kindly let me know how to do it
      As i already spent 3 hours but could not do it
      Thank you soo much

      • Verdun says:

        You can use easily winRAR Zip and extract from here choice !

      • Naeem says:

        I dont have laptop/pc using iphone
        Tried to extract from shortcut on iphone also tried many apps as well as many youtube videos but still i cannot extract it

        Plz anyone help me
        If you have extracted file plz share with me


  17. markus says:

    I succest BHM to make some kind of info-tab or link, how to extract zip/rar – packages. Windows WinRAR/7 Zip and Mac unarchiver. Specially multiple file-packages. “all files inside same folder, don’t change filenames, extract only first one”…

    Same is (internal) subtitles, VLC things etc.

    Some kind of little informative section.

    So we haven’t tell almost every movie comment section same things over and over again.

  18. No says:

    What’s the difference between the new release and the HD version?

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