Brecha 2009

Brecha 2009

Brecha 2009

Brecha 2009
1h 29min | Drama


Recently released from jail, Andrés experiences an emotional rupture from his 12-year-old son, José Ramón, following a dark family tragedy that nobody is bold enough to confront.

User review:

The film moves at an excellent pace, keeping the viewer interested throughout. It is an emotional film and it is not clear where the film is going until the end. It is a well thought through story with fantastic performances, especially from the son. The story coheres together exceptionally well although if I was to criticise at all it may be that the reaction from others to father’s behaviour is not quite as realistic as I would envisage. The grandmother also adds a very believable character to the story. I would recommend this to any adult to watch, and I hope they enjoy it. There is no hint here of any production constraints which is incredible when you learn that this film was made from nothing but people’s generosity. A true gem in amongst so many films.

Director: Iván Noel
Writers: Francisco Alfonsin, Iván Noel
Stars: Francisco Alfonsin, José Ramón Lafita, Lola Mendoza
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Filming Locations: Lebrija, Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain

Brecha 2009 Brecha 2009

Brecha 2009 Brecha 2009

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Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media
Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size : 2.11 GiB
Duration : 1h 33mn
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 3 220 Kbps

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  1. Peddy says:

    Mmm. Beautiful. Wish i could find it for download

  2. bhm says:

    New screenshots added

  3. j says:

    Where is the naked boy parts of the film?

    The front and the back?

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