En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT

En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT

En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT

En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT
1h 35min | Drama | 7 October 2008 (Canada)


13-year-old Pablo is a quiet, lonely boy with a troubled past. His only friend is Julia, a shameless 15-year-old girl who is more than willing to help Pablo with his transition from childhood to adolescence, and give him some advice on sex, love and life in general. On a quiet country road just outside of the village, Pablo meets Paco, an oddly calm, well dressed stranger whose car just broke down. Nevertheless, he seems more interested in the boy than fixing his problem. At first Pablo maintains a cautious distance from the stranger, vaguely heeding his fellow villagers’ advice to keep his distance. However, the boy’s subconscious quest to find understanding of his dark past and guilt makes him lose all of his protective layers. He sees a new friend in Paco; someone he can open up to and feel valued by almost like a replacement father. As Pablo’s affection grows for the man, he is unknowingly and blindly being lead toward a tragedy that will scar him for life

User review:

The film “En tu Ausencia” is the debut of composer/filmmaker Iván Noel. I have personally witnessed from relatively close by the ongoing battle to get this film shot, edited and distributed and I can bear testimony of what a nightmare the process has been for Noel. He sold his house and used the money to make the film (and not starve whilst at it), but this is only a minor detail compared to all the disasters that befell on his way to having a feature film under his belt. If I had known, I would have shot a “making of”, which would have compared well with “Lost in la Mancha”, the main difference being that “Ausencia” finally made it to the theaters and on DVD’s. And what justice is being done by allowing people to see this film! How talent and perseverance have resulted in a lush and utterly moving work of art. Where Almodovar captures from within the decadence and surrealism of Spain’s capital Madrid, Noel has fallen in love with down to dry earth Andalusia. He offers us a unique and intimate view of real Andalusian people in their isolated world, while at the same time touching upon universal themes such as friendship, parenthood, coming of age, sexuality and betrayal. Set in the Arcadian landscape of springtime Southern Spain, the local actors (most of them young first time performers) behave as their own nature dictates, within the parameters of the story, closely directed by Noel. It is here that Noel excels: the visuals of the film are well above average of most Hollywood shows, the story is ingenuous and captivating, but the performances of the actors drawn out by intense direction are so direct and real that they touch the viewer as if he were participating in the story. Music (composed by Noel, who started pro life as a musician) beautifully accentuates and supports emotions evoked by the scenes, where impressionist images are followed by starkly realistic ones, although the film always draws upon our own imagination and experiences to complete the picture. A highly original film!

Director: Iván Noel
Writer: Iván Noel (screenplay)
Stars: Francisco Alfonsin, Pedro Salido Saborido, Gonzalo Sánchez Salas
Country: Canada | Spain
Language: Spanish | English | French | German
Release Date: 23 December 2008 (USA)
Also Known As: In Your Absence
Filming Locations: Alcalá de los Gazules, Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain

En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT

En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 2
File size : 5.48 GiB
Duration : 1h 39mn
Overall bit rate : 7 915 Kbps

Links: iMDB

Download: Nitroflare


Director’s cut version added:

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 2.01 GiB
Duration : 1 h 44 min
Overall bit rate : 2 754 kb/s

Download: Nitroflare

Subtitle: English | German | French

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26 Responses to En tu ausencia 2008 UNCUT

  1. DiscerningTaste says:

    Seems like an interesting movie, thanks for your links! But c’,mon man.. 5GB+ and 22GB uploads? Who has that amount of bandwidth to spend on one movie? Your file host doesn’t even allow the 5GB+ link for free-users. Your links seems to be the only accessible ones available for free right now for the true director’s cut version (ie- BluRay) of this movie.. the other uncut versions (ie- DVD) cuts-out the boy’s genitals from the frame when undressing in the swimming scene, such a shame. Please make a smaller rip of the BluRay and upload. Try to do a 480p rip if possible, the uncut scenes are what’s valuable, not the image quality in itself. There are a lot of people (like myself) who’d love a rip of not more than 400MB for this, Please consider this soon, thank you! 🙂

  2. D_Ni says:

    Have you corrected the audio yet? =)

  3. Guest says:

    Might you be able to post the better (higher-quality) version to AF. It’s okay it if has to be downloaded in pieces.

  4. kman says:

    Parts 2-6 are missing in the Blu-ray folder

  5. terry mueller says:

    i downloaded the movie it was choppy on the film. perhaps spliting the movie in pieces will work

  6. Orion4 says:

    Prolific and successful coming-of-age film director Ivan Noel passed away on July 19, 2021, at his home in northern Argentina.

    He posted a video for all family, friends and fans, https://youtu.be/ENYuuOseIbI

  7. Orion4 says:

    Follow-up about Ivan Noel–
    YouTube removed his video for “Violating Community Guidelines” – a very cruel decision.
    People will want some closure. So, in brief, Ivan also wrote a letter, suggesting he took a life-ending pill. He ended the letter with “I am leaving without regret, and at the best of times. Thank you.”
    Ivan was 52 years of age.

  8. Master says:

    This is very, very sad news that I have stumbled accross. He was brave to produce the films he did. Out of the ordainary and quirky. A breath of fresh air.

    Typical YouTube to delete something which does not suit their puritanical and questionable censorship. (I wish there was as good and as widely used alternative to YouTube but I haven’t found one.)

    So I can well imagine that somebody or something has got to him. Indeed he was right to say “At the best of times.” I fear for the future because I doubt there will be any new films produced like some of those on this website.

    The Dark Web will thrive instead.

    Orion4, is there any possibility of providing any further information or links to this dreadful news?

  9. Orion4 says:

    More on Ivan Noel–
    There isn’t much out there yet- only bits and pieces. Was hoping his YT video would be reposted somewhere. I left a message for his assistant. The letter I have is share ok, should become public. But is too long for this space. It would be disrespectful to post excerpts. Master- maybe ask Admin to link us up via email, (I give my permission) -then I’ll send it to you. I’ll also copy Admin, in case others wish to read it, they can ask here. The letter covers everything, except how to cope with the loss.

  10. Master says:

    Thanks Orion4.

    I did find the letter under another comment.

    You’re right with the last sentence as with every case of somebody taking their own life, those left behind have to come to terms with the loss.

    It is easy to say that if only those who knew Ivan well could have intervened to come alongside him in his hour of need. However, they must not blame themselves; the decision for somebody to end their time on earth, can be be hidden from those closest to them.

    If anybody would like to discuss with me, I give Admin permission to pass on my email.

  11. Orion4 says:

    New revelations about Ivan Noel–
    I dread writing about more sadness, but at least here you’ll have the benefit of the story behind the media hype, and you’ll be forewarned about the sensational reporting yet to come, from the film industry. Be prepared for grim and graphic news headers, because, In a nutshell, three teen boy actors filed sexual molestation charges against Ivan Noel, in an Argentine court, about three months ago. Then, just before he died, he learned the case would indeed move forward, and that’s when it became public knowledge.

    I interpreted the back-story from (sort-of) credible Argentine media with quotes from Ivan’s attorney. (Please forgive any errors I may have made while translating/piecing the story together).

    While filming Lamb of God, Ivan permanently booted three boys for being disruptive on set. Their scenes were deleted. They later wrote to Ivan, stating, essentially, ‘You bastard, we’ll get you for this’ -These are the same three boys alleging molestation.

    As of yesterday, Ivan’s attorney plans to challenge the abuse allegations as false, retaliatory, and defamatory, and hold the boys/their parents accountable for Ivan’s premature death.

    This sounds like a whale of a legal challenge to me, but Argentine law is unique; we may be surprised.

    Finally, the attorney said Ivan’s suicide was not an admission of guilt. Child sex abuse allegations- whether real or faked/guilty or innocent- ends careers, carries a lifetime stigma that can never be overcome, and trust, evaporates.

    • markus says:

      “News” tells also, there is a CONVICTION a France court. From abusing a fifteen year old boy. And that’s the reason, why Ivan was Argentine first place. Enforcement of a judgment.

      These is very serious thing, if the stories is true.

      Rumors is a one thing but a CONVICTION is a whole other thing.

  12. Orion4 says:

    Some cheerful news from NoelFilms-

    Text from email,
    ‘Greetings to all, my name is Lucas López, former producer, colleague, but above all Ivan`s friend. I apologize for my English, but this time I just want to tell you that together with his family and friends, we are looking for a way to continue with his work. You will have news very soon. Thanks for your support.


  13. Master says:

    Thanks Orion for the update. Just illustrates how people can turn nasty and ruin those who tried to benefit them.

  14. Nasreen says:

    There is another version of this movie with film duration is 1h 44min
    The scenes in this version are from different camera angel from the one you posted
    Plz try if you can upload 1h 44 min duration of this film

    You are doing a great job
    Thanks to admin

  15. bhm says:

    I’ve got it (a visitor sent to me) but there is not subtitle. I will try to sync with my subtitle.

    • Nasreen says:

      I also watched the longer version but quality of video was not as good as the one you posted.
      Hope you have got it in good quality
      Again you are doing a great job
      Thank you so much for the efforts

  16. bhm says:

    Longer version added.

  17. Feanor says:

    Is the new version really with different camera angles? Second camera?

  18. Franz-Josef Haglauer says:

    If they hadn’t filmed this scene twice, ther must have been a second camera…!

  19. steve says:

    Interesting. This longer version isn’t listed on IMDB.
    Admin, is it possible to add the backup screenshots?

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