For a Lost Soldier 1992

For a Lost Soldier 1992

For a Lost Soldier 1992

For a Lost Soldier 1992
Voor een verloren soldaat (original title)
1h 32min | Drama, Romance, War | 22 May 1992 (Netherlands)


The story of a romantic relationship between a grown-up and a child. Set in the Netherlands near the end of WWII, the film is a flashback recalling an adolescent relationship between Jeroen and a Canadian soldier. A difficult subject handled with style and feeling.

User review:

Fantastic film.Shows EXACTLY what boys of that age go through,the feelings of puberty.All boys feel some kind of feeling for someone of the same sex at that age,even if they are not prepared to admit it.This film dealt with this issue like it is.It showed how some boys never forget their first feeling of “love” and some move on.The boy in the film never forgot his and lived with it all his life.It is an outrage that Walt,the object of the young boys feelings in the film,was seen as some kind of “peado”.He never encouraged the relationship as the boy,Jerome, later admits in the book he wrote many years later on which the film is based.This film had all the right emotions for that time.1945.The soldier away from home in a strange land meeting the boy going through puberty.A lovely,lovely film and very well acted and directed.

Director: Roeland Kerbosch
Writers: Don Bloch, Rudi van Dantzig (novel)
Stars: Maarten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbé
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch | German | English | Eastern Frisian
Release Date: 22 May 1992 (Netherlands)

For a Lost Soldier 1992 For a Lost Soldier 1992

For a Lost Soldier 1992 For a Lost Soldier 1992

For a Lost Soldier 1992 For a Lost Soldier 1992

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  1. teq0x says:

    New version (better quality) uploaded!

  2. Bened says:

    This made me think of my high school shop teacher. But now his married and has a child. Sad but true. However, I liked the movie.

  3. teq0x says:

    Best quality uploaded!

  4. raj says:

    How do i download this?

  5. Wolfy says:

    It’s a very good film, is it possible to get it in French?

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