Straight boys content removed

Straight boys content removed

Okay….so…. straight boys content removed from boyhoodmovies. Don’t worry I will make a new website for it and I will totally separate from boyhoodmovies. I’ve got many worried email from the visitors and I’ve agree with all of them. Maybe not was the best idea to posting here that content. Whatever. It was a nice try.

New image host is dead. Shit. Almost every picture replaced to imgbox, but if you find some missing pic content, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

Have nice weekend for everyone and thank you for your many comments/email, notice, suggestion!

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27 Responses to Straight boys content removed

  1. Pk says:

    Hello I’m just leaving a comment because before I had a chance to view them you had taken them down so she can please send me a link when you get it up and going I appreciate it

  2. Ed says:

    Are you going to post the new web site when it goes up

  3. Master says:

    Thank you for making that decision. Good to have a dedicated website for those who want such films. I believe it would have brought down the quality of to have mixed two distinct genres. As I have mentioned in a different post, for me boys stop being boys at 18.

  4. Franz-Josef Haglauer says:

    It sounds hard, but you have to adept to new society rules. It often makes you angry but you have no choice, otherwis society takes you down…
    Very bad that the new image host is down just after you changed to it – it must have been a lot of work…

  5. Dario says:

    I very much liked your taste in boys, and personally, I LIKE straight boys. Moving them to another site is a good solution – I’ll follow. One of the worst things that people do is dilute the focus of their content, so I’m happy that this site will stay on point. Does this mean that you’re upload quantity here will be reduced now though?

    • rixx says:

      I agree with you, Dario – it was nice for some of us, but clearly not for all. I hope the new site works out.
      Different strokes… 😉

  6. Justin says:

    Shame I really enjoyed it

  7. Rixx says:

    I am a little surprised that it became such a big issue so fast, but I get it — there are countless tube sites where this stuff can be found (I had no trouble finding them) but what made what (and whom) you shared fun is your curators eye for talent. I look forward to hearing about your new site – like others, look forward to your letting us know the details when you are up and running. Thanks for all your work and respectful relationship with those if us who appreciate the content you provide.

  8. markus says:

    Porn is very different thing than this site primary content. Boyhood movies is mostly old and not any DCMA intrest anymore (newer is, like we saw).

    But porn studios is different. Even very old films has new DCMA owner. And they are very active to taking down even entire porn sites. That’s why i was worrying.

    Good job!

  9. Don Komro says:

    I am disappointed that you felt you had to remove the str8 boy content. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to your next move. How will you let us know where to find your content?
    What also troubles me is: what is the next “content” that someone might object to and mount a crusade to have it removed?
    For what it’s worth, BHM, please keep up your good work and let us know where to find your future endeavors.
    We owe you much gratitude! Thanks! Don

  10. digi says:

    For the people who still do not understand why our sysop took down the “straight boys p0rn:”
    Speaking for most of us here, we have a proclivity at looking at adorable guys who are generally from the ages of puberty to that of young adult (gay would be nice, but being cute and straight is still eye candy).
    We like hearing stories of how others like us are making their way through life dealing with the same heartache, pain and especially confusion that we had dealt (or are still dealing) with — ala coming-of-age — through movies.
    Thank goodness there is a site where these movies are collected, catalogued and distributed through Nitroflare. [As a side note: When you buy a “premium” Nitroflare account you are actually helping to support this site through small commissions Mr. BHM receives for this thankless job]
    We like the fact that these are “legal” movies
    featured here (TRUE movies with IMDB references) and not from a basement p0rn site.
    As @Master has already said… boys stop being boys at 18. This leads us to the “underage issue” — clips of many of these movies, especially when shown without any context, can be considered by many communities all over the world to be p0rnographic and possibly even klddle p0rn. We don’t need any unwarranted scrutiny of he possession of chi1d p0rn.
    Having every one of these movies certified (by the virtue of simply being listed in IMDB) leads to it’s legitimacy as being “mainstream.” — I sleep better at night knowing this fact and it should keep us all out of trouble… (your mileage may vary — bets are off with Sharia law, for instance).

    • Rixx says:

      all good points. I found a site that focused on gay (mostly) porn in the LEGAL teen range – though some of the ages in many of the clips (ie Sebastian Bleisch vintage) were questionably young. They had a feature that allowed for flagging such videos for removal — which I did — but the admin never followed through so I stopped visiting the site. I think part of the appeal of the films here IS that they are mainstream story-driven content with some eye candy that appeals to us, but none of us want to court perversity or depictions of abuse. The randomness of porn doesn’t always allow for that distinction. Mind you, the twinks he was sharing are CLEARLY of age. I trust that he will find some worthy teens-to-20s worth seeing in action.

    • Orion4 says:

      Excellent comment. Thank you digi. IMDb is an excellent filter for legal content, got it. That’s a safe way to go.

      Ok, so I have a small problem/question. Given Ivan Noel’s untimely demise and disgraced reputation….I wonder if his movies will now attract the attention of CP enforcers. But more to the point, the “15 minute” clip from Lamb of God, (to my recollection), isn’t on IMDb, right? Judges out there are now ruling that “focus on genitalia” and “potential to arouse” are valid forms of CP. It’s crazy, but true- and the penalties, are absolutely unimaginable. I have zero legal/law enforcement experience, but I do read (see Wiki’s CP definitions). No matter what, this little needle in the haystack, is worth a second look.

      • bhm says:

        When I posted the movie I haven’t the full version. After I’ve got it and posted I didn’t replaced the post name. Anyway, Lamb of God in on the iMDB:

      • Orion4 says:

        bhm, your reply is correct. But the 15 minute version link is still being offered for download (under Comments), and it works:
        I don’t mean to be a pest, I was just wondering about the concentrated nudity in “15 minutes”, maybe it could be a problem.
        Correction: What I said above, about IMDb, is wrong. Yes, it’s a good filter, but no, it isn’t safe. IMDb offers no protection if a movie listed on site is later found to contain CP. In fact, I don’t think there’s anywhere on the planet you can go, to see if a particular movie is truly legal (free of CP).

      • Master says:

        It is interesting that there is this ‘obsession’ with CP. Yet I understand schools have questionable material, literature and film, in their establishments as part of educating. There is supposed to be an explosion of the stuff on the internet. It is wrong that children are abused, in what ever way, let me be clear. There does seem to be a contradiction in our modern world.

        The victims are the film directors who are now hamstrung in producing films in which natural nudity is included as an incidental depiction of life.

        This site is a treasure which must not be lost as a host of films of the type that are unlikely to be made again in the future, sadly.

      • markus says:

        I living in bizzare country (explained ivan noel 15 min threat). I can fuck 15 year old boy/girl ass to mouth if he/she wants it too. And that’s legally fine. But i cannot have single nude picture him/her before he/she is 18 yo 😀 Because that is a CP. If i SEND that nude pic whatsapp/mms/email then i commit serious crime, i spread CP. That is much serious than only collect own collection without hurting anybody (i don’t do that of course).

        My country isn’t illegal to _download_ any movie own or family use. Even a disney movie! Or a hard porn (18+ yo). But if i spread. That’s not legally crime but that is a possible civil copyright violation. The DCMA owner can demand compensation.

        The lesson is. There is no “general rule”. IMDB isn’t protected shield every country. Like my country (again, explained ivan noel thread).

        We living odd time now and that’s why is important to collect so many these treasures we can find. It’s very big possibility, this site someday taked down. That’s why private collected “seed” is very important. Some day these treasures is published again.

  11. Will from peru says:

    an exelent job, i like both the actual content and the new straight boys porn.
    I will sure follow your new blog.
    Please let me know as soon it is up.
    Greetings from Peru

  12. Pk says:

    Hello I would like to know if you have gotten that website up and if so can you please send me the link

  13. Pk says:

    Hello I would like to know if you can post on teen blog those four packs Herbstreit boys that you have posted on Boyhood if you can post them on teen blog there were some out of the four packs that you have put up but all of them are not there on teen blog I would appreciate it if you could post them please and thank you

  14. CM says:

    Hello I would like to know if you have gotten that website up and if so can you please send me the link

  15. Bk says:

    Attached bhm I was wondering what had happened to all team blog you promise that you would let us know where you move that site to can you please tell us or where to find the content

    • BK says:

      Attached bhm I was wondering what had happened to all teen blog you promise that you would let us know where you move that site to can you please tell us or where to find the straight boy content

  16. BK says:

    Okay thank you

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