The Chosen One 2023

The Chosen One 2023

The Chosen One 2023

The Chosen One 2023
TV Series | Action, Adventure, Drama | 2023-


Jodie, a 12-year-old boy living in Baja California Sur, discovers he has Jesus-like powers; he must decide whether to answer his calling and fulfill his destiny.

User review:

The Chosen One (el elegido) The Mexican series based on the American comic by Mark Millar consists of a total of 6 episodes. It follows the story of a 12-year-old child who discovers they possess powers akin to Jesus Christ. What will happen in their life?

In summary, this series is a brilliantly crafted adaptation from a comic, featuring a storyline with intricately developed characters much like a Mexican version of Stranger Things. Every actor delivers an impressive performance, and the narrative unfolds in a unique and captivating way, filled with excitement and complexity that persists even in its conclusion. Highly recommended not to be missed, especially for fans of the writer Mark Millar.

Stars: Bobby Luhnow, Dianna Agron, Tenoch Huerta
Countries of origin: United States, Mexico
Languages: English, Spanish
Also known as: The Chosen One
Filming locations: Baja California Sur, Mexico

The Chosen One 2023

The Chosen One 2023

The Chosen One 2023

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 1.83 GiB
Duration : 47 min 40 s
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 5 510 kb/s

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Download: Nitroflare

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9 Responses to The Chosen One 2023

  1. markus says:

    This is only one episode? That series include six episodes and every six episode is available 1080p and almost all language texting included (NF version).

    Five episodes missing?

  2. markus says:

    Languages texting is very important, because series is almost fully Spanish speaking.

  3. bhm says:

    Download link is going to the folder with all 6 episodes 🙂 Just check it out.

    • markus says:

      Ah I’m very sorry. I didn’t check nitroflare. I just think things from file size you write description (one file size 1,8 Gb). I already watched series before you put it in here.

      Series is good if you like “mystical” things. And boys are cute also (:

  4. bhm says:

    There is 33 subtitle and movie file.

  5. Steve says:

    This film is currently showing on Netflix.

    • markus says:

      Yes, It is. Series is Netflix original. But if someone want to archive this to private collection, before file is removed. Be fast.

      Streaming services isn’t very reliable for long term. Good example is Netflix original, last season for “Better Call Saul?. That is a very good example, because some countries that cannot see that if don’t use “alternative methods” Yarr… We can imagine, this series isn’t show every country also.

      So – Be fast.

  6. james siple says:

    just watch it , i do not like it you can watch it so

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