Le surdoué 1997

Le surdoué 1997

Le surdoué 1997

Le surdoué 1997
1h 3m | Comedy | Release date: January 20, 1997 (France)


Twelve year-old Vincent is not a child quite like the others: he has an IQ significantly higher than the average. Solitary, he spends a lot of time to reflect. Its exceptional power of analysis enables him to understand at once those who surround him. It is as well to know the discomfort that is believed between his parents. His father, a craftsman in bankruptcy, lives very badly the success of his wife, a true “wonder woman” in which everything seems to succeed. He feels deprived of his role as head of the family. Vincent learns, moreover, that he has not paid the rent for one year. He decides to fly to his help and raise the sum necessary. His school results began to decline, which exacerbates the discord between his parents.

Director: Alain Bonnot
Writers: Guila Braoudé, Philippe Lopes-Curval
Stars: Charlotte de Turckheim, Yves Rénier, Anthony Decadi
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Also known as: The Gifted

Le surdoué 1997

Le surdoué 1997

Le surdoué 1997

Le surdoué 1997

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 1 010 MiB
Duration : 1 h 29 min
Overall bit rate : 1 580 kb/s

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7 Responses to Le surdoué 1997

  1. rixx says:

    I know the attitude in Europe about nudity is more relaxed and sophisticated, but whenever I see kids this young nude in films (boys and girls) I wonder what the parents were thinking…

    • markus says:

      I can answer that. Simple. Nothing.

      There is a reason for that. We europeans have police forces too. And we have phones also. So kid can be nude in swimming hall shower, because there is lot a “normal” adults watching. Some kind of group pressure thing. So nobody cannot harm those Childs.

      So we not want and we don’t need that mass hysteria, what America have. Scare everything. Everywhere. Always. (That scare thing is big mental issue even child itself).

      Swimming hall/beach nudity isn’t threat here. The main danger thing is social media platforms. Like everywhere else.

      • Devon McNally says:

        True. I was at a couple of big public pool complexes in Germany and Austria last summer. There was just one big locker room – for both males and females, all ages. There was also a sauna area which is nude and that is also not separated by gender, and the age was 16+. This is very typical of public pools and saunas in Europe and Asia. Even in America there are nude beaches, spas, and resorts that mix genders and ages, and many children (especially in Europe) grow up that way and it’s not a big deal to them.

  2. rixx says:

    I appreciate the thoughtful replies to my somewhat rhetorical question. I agree that in NA we foster an unhealthy prudery public/private nudity that automatically equates nudity with sex. This unquestionably causes kids to develop unnecessary shame and body issues. All that said, in the context of this film and some others, such as Tender Cousins or Maladolescenza (understandably no longer available here), underaged skin is specifically sexualized – the girl is flashing the boy to seduce him; that’s the aspect I wonder about – parents of a 13-year-old girl — but then again this is a FRENCH film — and made for TV at that!

    • markus says:

      Yes. But when you see naked child on national television, artistic way. Real movie. Of course that is seeing also a “bad people”. But when also they see thing on television, they don’t have to harm child to seeing same thing. Other people 99,9% peoples “Doesn’t see” anything abnormal. That is so common. So you don’t see thing anymore.

      Same is swimming halls. Large areas are safe. That’s why we have “prison showers”. Not lockers or dorms. Large areas were lots of people seeing others, is SAFE. Not only kid-safe. Also if some elderly people have some seizure, or heart attack, people siis that instantly and can give help instantly. You cannot stare kids “peepee” because same time, somebody looking at you. That simple it is.

      Locked, hided, secret things = unsafe. Clear, everyday, large, populated = safe.

  3. lance says:

    in some ways the internet has ruined things around the world–where usa is so hooked up on sex and nudity of younger teens–other countries arent as hooked up on it–people think keep sex away from their minds that way they wont want sex—you cannot stop puberty–its just not that easy–

    years ago when internet came out you had stuff from everywhere to look at–boys and girls–but the thing about that was they cant be in a sexual position–kissing is not sexual until hands go belong the belt–but as long as the boys didnt have an erection it was ok—and not touching themselves or someone else–it becomes porn then–

    i see kids in movies like this—its a natural part of life-and some kids learn stuff at young age–i did–and others learn at later age–like a friend of mine was 24 years old and still a virgin–said the urges never happened until he was about 26 –and you just cant prevent human nature from happening-email me if agree or disagree–chat about it openly if like

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