Bad Boys 1961

Bad Boys 1961

Bad Boys 1961

Bad Boys 1961
Furyô shônen (original title)
1h 29m | Drama | Release date: March 29, 1961 (Japan)


Directed in documentary style about a number of delinquent boys in a reformatory, who were not given scripts and asked to simply be themselves, this movie focuses on the young men and their natural day-to-day. When the protagonist is released he has an opinion regarding the institution, which moulded him. The film is considered one of the first of the new wave movement of Japan and the winner of the Kinema Junpo Award.

User review:

From the director of the equally brilliant, “Nanami: Inferno of First Love,” comes this fine docudrama about life in a boys reform school outside Tokyo. Shot on stark, beautiful black & White film stock, the camera follows a boy as he first enters the prison-like compound, rebellious and angry at the system and society. The viewer then sees his experiences that led up to his incarceration, through a series of very powerful flashbacks. We see him as a little boy, roaming the street, starving, until he finds a car with some food in it, as well as a pair of sunglasses, that he sells to a beautiful girl in a nightclub. She takes him home and gives him a bath and he wonders why someone would be nice to him. Other scenes showing the boys robbing innocent people on the street, are sad and depressing, but they always express feelings of remorse after their crimes, which shows that there is hope for their future. And those b/w shots of neon-lit Tokyo are wonderful and stark. The city is portrayed here, as a playground for the boys, as they roam the street like a pack of hyenas, terrorizing anyone who catches their eye. Throughout the film we see the protagonist slowly change from an angry, violent kid, into a young adult that just might succeed in the world beyond the walls of the reform school. There is not one moment of insincerity or corny sentimentality throughout this fine picture, which possesses the style of the French New Wave films of the early 60’s. Unlike the other reviewer here, I was able to find a beautiful quality print with excellent subtitles, and can definitely see this rare title being picked up by Criterion or Kino, as it deserves to be resurrected for a new generation. “Furyo Shonen,” or “Bad Boys” is a great film that deals with the subject of juvenile delinquency. Also recommended is the Serbian film called “Special Education,” another unjustly forgotten film about troubled youth. Highly recommended.

Director: Susumu Hani
Writers: Susumu Hani, Aiko Jinushi
Stars: Yukio Yamada, Hirokazu Yoshitake, Koichiro Yamazaki
Country of origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
Also known as: Bad Boys

Bad Boys 1961

Bad Boys 1961

Bad Boys 1961

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Format version : Version 4
File size : 1.41 GiB
Duration : 1 h 29 min
Overall bit rate : 2 258 kb/s

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  1. Tolstoy says:

    Not about this movie, but another I saw but can’t remember the name. I think it is a French movie. A teenage boy goes to school naked, but no one notices. It isn’t until the end of the movie when a girl puts on a pair of glasses, and realizes the boy is naked. Then everyone else in the room puts on glasses and they can all see he has no clothes on.

  2. Janes says:

    A nice addition to the site would be First Kid, 1996. Brief rear scene.

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