You’ll Never Be Alone 2016

You'll Never Be Alone 2016

You’ll Never Be Alone 2016

You’ll Never Be Alone 2016
Nunca vas a estar solo (original title)
1h 21min | Action, Drama | 10 November 2016 (Chile)


First feature film directed by Alex Anwandter. You’ll never be alone tells the story of Juan, a withdrawn manager at a mannequin factory who after his teenage gay son suffers a violent attack, struggles between paying his son’s exorbitant medical bills and his last attempt at becoming partners with his boss. As he runs into dead-ends and unexpected betrayals, he’ll discover the world he knew was already waiting to be violent with him too.

User review:

How can you love a film that will split opinion with its challenging conclusion?

Broken bodies, broken minds, broken dreams, broken systems and broken hearts…all play out against the backdrop of Chile’s doing great – for some, not all.

This is the definition of a hate crime…the violence is unbearable. The violence is wrought by the familiar…by neighbors, by a lover!

The aftermath concentrates on the other victim…the father of the beaten. His slow and excruciating disintegration into desolation. A decent man who hits a brick wall [face-on] with every turn he takes. There is no respite from [t]his despair.

Alex Anwandter has created a soundscape rather than a landscape for this story…he demands much from his audience (some would argue, too much). There are mighty metaphors, scathing injustices and muted messages…but, the final nail in the coffin is the lack of a [tangible & comforting] resolution. This – indeed – is nomansland.

Refer to the title for closure…instead of saying ‘WTF’ at the ending…think long and hard about it!

A mesmerising, polarising, traumatic debut…a mighty achievement for a runtime of just 80 minutes!

Director: Alex Anwandter
Writer: Alex Anwandter
Stars: Sergio Hernández, Andrew Bargsted, Jaime Leiv
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 10 November 2016 (Chile)
Also Known As: You’ll Never Be Alone

You'll Never Be Alone 2016 You'll Never Be Alone 2016

You'll Never Be Alone 2016 boyhoodmovies

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 7.39 GiB
Duration : 1 h 21 min
Overall bit rate : 13.0 Mb/s

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