Top Stripper 1982

Top Stripper 1982

Top Stripper 1982

Top Stripper 1982
Zûmu appu: Maruhon uwasa no sutorippa (original title)
1h 7min | Comedy, Drama | 15 September 1982 (Japan)


A frank coming-of-age story, in which young Yoichi falls for Gloria at the local strip joint. Yoichi’s innocent nature has him attending her shows every day, filling his mind with her beauty. The standard bittersweet disappointments of the coming-of-age story are offset by irreverent moments of levity; a quirk of director Yoshimitsu Morita’s which he became known for.

User review:

At a trim if scratchy sixty-seven minutes with live subtitles because the 35mm print had arrived without them, Top Stripper/Maruhon uwasa no sotorippa, sometimes prefaced by Zûmu appu:/Zoom Up:, or aka Uwasano Stripper, is the third of four features (plus a program of Osamu Tezuka experimental animated shorts) at the Japan Society monthly “The Dark Side of the Sun: John Zorn on Japanese Cinema.” The “unrated but may only be viewed by persons 18 years of age and older” was a first pink movie/pinku-eiga from Yoshimitsu Morita, then one of a number of new directors learning their trade in soft core.

Director: Yoshimitsu Morita
Writer: Yoshimitsu Morita
Stars: Kaori Okamoto, Ken Miyawaki, Nami Misaki
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 15 September 1982 (Japan)
Also Known As: Top Stripper

Top Stripper 1982 Top Stripper 1982

Top Stripper 1982 Top Stripper 1982

Top Stripper 1982 Top Stripper 1982

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 1.69 GiB
Duration : 1 h 7 min
Overall bit rate : 3 595 kb/s

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2 Responses to Top Stripper 1982

  1. rixx says:

    13 down votes???
    EWWWW! There’s GIRL in this one! EWWW!

    • markus says:

      I wonder that too. I am gay, but I don’t mind naked women, if there same scene is also naked dude. Of course I watch the dude, not women. If dude is cute, I don’t care is sex scene straight or gay. Women isn’t “spark” me. But I don’t hate even naked womens.

      So of course I want to see lot’s of “straight” content too. The cute dude’s. I also enjoy more good storytelling. Not so much hard porn. So straight stories could be good stories too.

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