Tomorrow Is Ours (2023) Jack & Rayane (part1) – (part2)

Tomorrow Is Ours (2023) Jack & Rayane (part1) - (part2)

Tomorrow Is Ours (2023) Jack & Rayane (part1) – (part2)

Tomorrow Is Ours (2023) Jack & Rayane (part1) – (part2)
TV Series | Drama | 2017–

Tomorrow Is Ours / Demain nous appartient is a french soap opera. This is Jack & Rayane’s storyline so far. It has started in January 2023

Jack is a teenager and a student at Agnes Varda High School. His family is quite poor with his mother raising four kids. He has an older brother (Jordan), a twin sister (Lizzie) and a little cousin (Leo) they consider their little brother (his parents are dead and Jack’s mother took him in). He was in the closet at the beginning of the soap opera but he later came out, with his family supporting him. He has never had a romantic relationship nor a love interest before.
When meeting Rayane, he has bandages on his eyes and can’t see anything because he was in an accident (a plane crashed on the beach where he was). He doesn’t know if he’ll ever see again and is suffering because of it.

Rayane is a new character on the show. He used to live in Paris with his parents until his mother disappeared (because she was hiding from her violent husband). Rayane decided to come to his uncle’s city to warn him about it. Long story short, Rayane’s uncle was the one actually hiding his mother and they all eventually found out (Rayane’s father included). Rayane’s father tried to kill Rayane’s mother but was killed in the process. With the investigation of who killed Rayane’s father, Rayane became a suspect.
When meeting Jack, Rayane is a new student at Agnes Varda High School and he doesn’t make a good impression as he’s suffering inside. He belittles others, is rude to the teachers and barely pays attention in class. But all of that isn’t his true self as he’s normally very intelligent and a good student. His father’s death traumatized him because he hates him and doesn’t want to feel sad about his death, but also can’t help it.

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6 Responses to Tomorrow Is Ours (2023) Jack & Rayane (part1) – (part2)

  1. Jeff says:

    This show surprised me to be honest.
    The acting is excellent and the character development well done. The relationships in Jack’s family are not just sideshows. The reasons behind Rayane’s attitudes are not immediately obvious. I have no idea where it is going in one sense or how many episodes there will be but I hope for more

  2. bobo says:

    check episode 1414 they are in bed shirtless

  3. Rodney says:

    Love this show. I hope we get Part 3 soon.

  4. Randy says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for this show, I also looking for Secretas Verdades and Sex O’clock shows, hope you can help me to find it

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