Tomer en Elias 2016

Tomer en Elias 2016

Tomer en Elias 2016

Tomer en Elias 2016
Short, Drama | 8 July 2016 (Netherlands)


Sven and his brother Alex form a very close-knit pair, in a family which – apart from the baby – seems to consist of duos. When two boys, Tomer and Elias, who are about Sven’s age, move in next door, Sven begins to see the possibility of making friends with Tomer, who is in the same class as himself. But Alex is determined to keep Sven by his side, using the same methods his parents use to stay together…

User review:

A film about reactions and fears and fragility of relation. Different neighbors and the feeling to be, for a large family, a menace. From parents to children, the same need to secure the relation. To change or to preserve. In cold manner. A life style , a version of brotherhood. It is a beautiful film for the nuances. For the story. And for the science to explore the insecurity . In precise manner.

Director: Cleo Julia Mullis
Writers: Cleo Julia Mullis, Maartje Wortel (book)
Stars: Noah de Kruijf, Mingus Claessen, Catalijn Willemsen
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Release Date: 8 July 2016 (Netherlands)
Filming Locations: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tomer en Elias 2016 Tomer en Elias 2016

Tomer en Elias 2016 Tomer en Elias 2016

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Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size : 241 MiB
Duration : 17 min 31 s
Overall bit rate : 1 926 kb/s

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