The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021
La scuola cattolica (original title)
1h 46m | Drama | 14 September 2022 (USA)


In late September 1975, a renowned Catholic school in Rome for sheltered, upper-middle-class boys is attacked in what became known as the Circeo Massacre. The film examines what triggered the violence.

User review:

About a heinous crime that happened in italy almost 50 years ago, about religion, narsissistic adolescents and psychopathical pupils that thinks sexual murder is fun, because their upbringing told them so. Its a critical view on private catholic schools in the homecountry of roman catholic belief, but the producers aims where far too high versus their means. Its based on a book, but the scriptmakers hasent found the thin read line how to tell it. A cast of young men that just thinks with their reproductive organs overwhelms the viewers into a haze of surpressed violence, where homophobia is relentless, and where geeks have no place to stay.

But why all this happened is very badly elaborated in this italian feature sponsored by netflix. The tragedy of the deaths are still there though, and at moment the terror and the bad deeds done really shocks a grumpy old man that inst used to see flash naked bodies on the screen, especially not in a raw setting as this. Therefore i wont put this film on the frontline of recommended films, its to shallowly told, the caracters development weak and the narrative strange and aftershock of the crimes are neatly pushed aside and unelaborated. A true tragedy told in an even more tragic manner, a four star is awarded for the try, but will not be re-viewed by the grumpy old man.

Director: Stefano Mordini
Writers: Edoardo Albinati (novel), Massimo Gaudioso (screenplay), Luca Infascelli (screenplay)
Stars: Benedetta Porcaroli, Giulio Pranno, Emanuele Maria Di Stefano
Country of origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Filming locations: Rome, Lazio, Italy

The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021

The Catholic School 2021

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Format version : Version 4
File size : 2.39 GiB
Duration : 1 h 47 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 3 182 kb/s

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6 Responses to The Catholic School 2021

  1. Wim Huizing says:


  2. Jeff says:

    Agree with the reviewer. Fairly shallow effort. Cant quite catch the Catholic School issue. This was three rich adolescents with a suspect upbringing and psychological problems finally lashing out. Horrible murders but the link to the school was tenuous. I was getting ready for a school shooting as such. Sure the apparent morals of the time were preached at the school but was it any different to the social values at that time?

  3. james siple says:

    just finished the movie
    it is a very shocking movie
    and I did not know the history of this

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