Suzie Lovitt 2011

Suzie Lovitt 2011

Suzie Lovitt 2011

Suzie Lovitt 2011
7min | Family | 2011


Suzie Lovitt is a quirky, avant-garde, ravishingly shot film starring a young Rudy Law, son of Sadie Frost (who produced the film) and Jude Law.


Rudy liked to make up characters, and in particular liked to “channel” the character of a middle-aged dry cleaner called Suzie Lovitt. When director Ben Charles Edwards saw him “doing” Suzie, he knew he had to put Rudy’s rich fantasy inner world on screen. I helped out with redrafting and restructuring Ben’s initial script, though much of it was jettisoned on the day to let Rudy do his own thing. Just don’t take the stories of family life in it to be a true reflection of the Frost household – that’s all fiction! In other words, it’s not Rudy playing the part of Suzie Lovitt, but Rudy playing the part of another boy who likes to play the part of Suzie Lovitt. Very meta.

Star: Law, Rudy Indiana Otis

Suzie Lovitt 2011

Suzie Lovitt 2011

Suzie Lovitt 2011

Suzie Lovitt 2011

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 258 MiB
Duration : 7 min 38 s
Overall bit rate : 4 716 kb/s

Download: Nitroflare

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  1. Philatanus says:

    Excellent short movie!

    I can never understand the blithering idiots that give anything for free, a Thumbs Down!

    I guess the Thumbs Down is in direct correlation to their shitty lives!

    Thanks for all your lovely shares!

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