Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989
1h 30min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 3 January 1995 (USA)


Jarle son Sigurd growing up in Viking Norway, a time when conflicts are resolved with weapons. He is named after a great legend and local hero, Sigurd Fåvnesbane that in his time had killed the dragon Fafnir. It is expected that Sigurd should grow up and become a strong and barbaric viking, as the rest of his family. Illungene are sworn enemies of Sigurds family. It is expected of the young Sigurd to the advancement of blood revenge that flared up when Illungene killed his brother.

User review:

“The Littlest Viking” is about a boy in his early teens named Sigurd who is a Viking prince. His royal father and older brother love nothing more than to kill. They joyfully recount tales of all of the people they have slaughtered and Sigurd’s dad wants nothing more than for him to become a mighty warrior as well.

This is yet another peculiar little film where nothing much ever happens. Sigurd is rather clumsy and wants nothing to do with fighting. He spends his time loitering about his very small village. Occasionally, some bored warriors, who apparently live nearby, raid the village and kill some people and burn some homes before becoming bored and riding off again. There is more than one such scene and they are poorly choreographed.

When these battles occur, the invaders are all adults except for a teen similar in age to Sigurd. Every single time they show the other teen, he is ALWAYS staring at Sigurd. It’s somewhat odd. Our little Viking hero also has a strange love/hate relationship with a slave boy. Sigurd tattles on the boy when he does nothing more than steal a little something to eat. Later, the two of them are naked together on the beach acting like the best of friends. Perhaps I’m missing something…

This film goes to great lengths to show that “war is bad” but it takes an awfully soft stance on slavery. Sigurd thinks owning slaves is just great as long as they aren’t beaten. How progressive of him. Of course, the Viking days can’t be held to a modern moral standard and maybe they were just trying to be realistic. All I know is that Sigurd is difficult to warm up to and his parents and older brother are royal jerks.

When a movie has no humor, no love story, mediocre acting and very little action it’s awfully difficult to keep a viewer entertained. The message that it is bad to always be fighting and killing others is simplistic at best. I watched this video with two of my friends’ kids and they tried their hardest to watch the entire film. However, they couldn’t take the tedium anymore and walked off with about twenty minutes left in the movie. I don’t blame them…perhaps I should have joined them. 1/10

Directors: Knut W. Jorfald, Lars Rasmussen
Writers: Torill Thorstad Hauger (novel), Knut W. Jorfald (screenplay)
Stars: Kristian Tonby, Per Jansen, Terje Strømdahl

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989 Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989 Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989 Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 750 MiB
Duration : 1 h 29 min
Overall bit rate : 1 175 kb/s

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2 Responses to Sigurd Drakedreper 1989

  1. Alan says:

    I have just had a chance to watch this movie through and wonder if the person who wrote the review actually watched the same one as I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the film from beginning to end. Sigurd might not have been cut out to be a warrior, neither was Tord, the son of the leader of their main rivals. Not to mention the Irish captive boy who is out of the same mould. Sigurd was the strongest out of all, realising that conflict and slavery were not the best ways to prosper in life. He stood by his principles despite all the taunting from those around him, befriending both his slave and Tord, and proved that peace and harmony were stronger than any war.

    The movie was easy to follow and left a feel-good factor and I would happily watch it through again, so for me, 9 out of 10 for the movie, 1 out of 10 for the above review.

    Oh, and I nearly forgot to say – the three leading boys are all damn good looking too! 🙂

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