Short Skin 2014

Short Skin 2014

Short Skin 2014

Short Skin – I dolori del giovane Edo 2014
1h 26min | Comedy, Drama | 30 August 2014 (Italy)


Since childhood Edoardo has been suffering from phimosis, a penis malformation which prevents him from experiencing sexual satisfaction. Now seventeen, he starts to feel some pressure from the outside world. Apparently everyone around him talks and thinks about sex: his friend Arturo, so obsessed with losing his virginity that is wanting to pay for it, his parents, encouraging him to declare his love to Bianca, even his little sister Olivia, looking for a good partner for the family dog Teagan. Edoardo’s lack of confidence starts changing with the casual meeting of a new girl, Elisabetta, and the unexpected approach of Bianca. Forced to come out of the shadow he was hiding in, Edoardo tries first to solve his problem with clumsy strategies, finding finally the courage to face his fears.

User review:

It seems a very strange subject for a movie: a young teen who suffers from phimosis, which turns his sexual development into a painful and frustrating experience. The English title “Short skin” by the way seems a bad choice: if anything, it’s not about too short, but rather about too long (or too narrow) skin. Why didn’t they settle for the literal translation of Italian title: “The pains of young Edo”, which so wonderfully captures the factual as well as the emotional inflictions that main character Edo has to endure.

Anyway, once you accept this unusual premise, you are in for a very sympathetic, endearing and insightful coming-of-age film. The atmosphere reminded me very much of “The hand of God” by Sorrentino (2021): a sensitive teenager searching for sexual and emotional fulfillment, in the midst of all kinds of everyday personal and family turmoils, set in the sensuous light of an Italian summer.

Of course, here the phimosis is the pivot of the story and this makes for some awkward but also hilarious scenes. Director Duccio Chiarini shows everything that young Edo goes through without any prudish restraint, which gives the movie a very honest and open feel. The whole thing is evidently a curious but fascinating metaphor: the fear of a young teen in a sexual situation to show his true self and experience rejection (aka pain). This is cleverly symbolized at the end, when the cured and clearly elated Edo dares to stick out his head out of the window of a riding train

Apart from this specific premise, there is a lot more to enjoy in this movie. The dialogues of Edo with his precocious sister, his macho and boasting best friend, his bickering parents and even his doctor are all so funny, meaningful and sensitive. The photography is great, and I loved the editing, all these short, almost fragmented scenes in which at times nothing much seemed to happen, but together they made the whole emotional development of Edo all the more visible. Chiarini doesn’t use complicated means or heavy twists and turns, but lets the story evolve in a very easy and natural way. In which he is greatly helped by the wonderful acting of young Matteo Creatini, who very convincingly and touchingly shows all the inner (and outward) turmoils of Edo.

Director: Duccio Chiarini
Writers: Duccio Chiarini (screenplay), Ottavia Madeddu (screenplay)
Stars: Matteo Creatini, Francesca Agostini, Nicola Nocchi
Country of origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Also known as: Short Skin
Filming locations: Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014 Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014

Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014 Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014

Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014 Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014

Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014 Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014

Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014 Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014

Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo 2014

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 1.36 GiB
Duration : 1 h 22 min
Overall bit rate : 2 370 kb/s

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1080p version:

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 3.15 GiB
Duration : 1 h 24 min
Overall bit rate : 5 336 kb/s

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