Puika 1977

Puika 1977

Puika 1977

Puika 1977
1h 37m | Family | Release date: 1977 (Soviet Union)


World for the boy is revealed gradually – in all its diversity, beauty and sustainability.

User review:

The plot is dreamike focussing on little servant boy Jancis and through the course of the film, we get to see him caught in the middle of adults, he doesn’t talk too much, there’s so much going on his mind but says it all with a look, peeping through the windowpanes as things change around him. The window shots are back and forth and works like an invitation to the four seasons as Jancis travels through it. For Jancis it’s the small moments of everyday life that matters but not everything is rosy as the story unfolds. There is also a masterful representation and depiction of Latvian life, culture, and traditions. We get wonderful glimpses of all the characters’ lives, including Jancis favourite temporary companions a dog and Jurks, an old man who is not an important person in the village but very special for the former. His bond between Jurks and the Dog features some of the best heartwarming moments in the film. Around this simple story, Aivars Freimanis and cinematographer Davis Simanis weave a visual symphony with strikingly poetic images. It is so beautiful, uninterrupted and visually aesthetic that makes you appreciate each and every shots. I even thought of the Tenghiz Abuladze’s The Wishing Tree (1976), you will know when you watch the film. The Sound design by Igors Jakovlevs feels like a therapeutic experience from start to finish. The soundtrack is by legendary Latvian composer Martins Brauns who passed away last year.

I know this is categorised as a family film, but there is brief nudity with breast and butt exposed in one the best scenes. It is naturalized nudity and non-sexualized which won’t upset anyone.

Final thoughts, It is a film that fits into its minimal narrative and i’m sure not everyone will sit through it from start to finish. Those who don’t mind the pacing, this will be a huge slog through the landscape, literally, and as a viewing experience it will be delightful which is very rarely matched in cinema. The whole thing is rounded off by a bittersweet ending. I really want to Thank the Studija Lokomotive for their effort in restoring this masterpiece in 4K to its original glory, i really wish Aivars Freimanis was alive to see it!

Director: Aivars Freimanis
Writers: Aivars Freimanis, Janis Jaunsudrabins, Imants Ziedonis
Stars: Indars Lacis, Zigrida Lorence, Peteris Martinsons
Country of origin: Soviet Union
Language: Latvian

Puika 1977

Puika 1977

Puika 1977

Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media
Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size : 812 MiB
Duration : 1 h 28 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 1 286 kb/s

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3 Responses to Puika 1977

  1. Franz-Josef Haglauer says:

    Hi, you have already posted this movie under its Russian title Malchugan (Мальчуган):
    This movie was made in the USSR, so it has this Russian title, but it was specially made in the Latvian Soviet Republic and has also the title PUIKA – and nowadays the Latvians surely prefer to use this title!

  2. Pavel says:

    Beautiful movie. It reminds me of the Czechoslovak director Břetislav Pojar´s film from 1955 about an orphan living with his grandfather, Adventure in the Golden bay (Dobrodružství na Zlaté zátoce).

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