Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000
Krámpack (original title)
R | 1h 31min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 16 June 2000 (Spain)


Coming of age, on a Barcelona beach, during an eventful week: Nico arrives at Dani’s for part of the summer. Dani’s parents are away, Nico is keen to lose his virginity, and Dani, who’s been Nico’s friend since grammar school, wants time only with Nico. Dani’s plans to hunt and fish are waylaid when Nico catches the eye of Elena and her cousin Berta. He wants to go to the beach with the girls, cook them dinner, and make love to at least one of them. Dani wants social and physical contact with Nico. Watching from a short distance are Sonia, Dani’s tutor, and Julian, a gay writer, who picks up Dani’s vibes. Can Nico and Dani sort out friendship as well as their mixed desires?

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for strong sexual content, some drug use and language – all involving teens

user review:

Krámpack supposedly means mutual masturbation, so it goes without saying that the U.S. theatrical release would be retitled with the names of the two best friends who shamelessly do so. That said, the film is SO far removed from the typical American teen fare, like American Pie, that the unusual degree of friendship between the two boys is but a small part of the overall European-ness of the film.

The boys have known each other since grade school but are now just past puberty, and their minds are filled with sex, Nico obsessing about his Adam’s Apple and his need to lose his virginity, and Dani entranced by his best friend. Dani is just plain sexy, and he knows it. At first it seems like a collision course, but as might be true for the adolescents they are, they start and end as friends. Both learn that they can be the objects of sexual desire — and the comfort that this brings to a teenager — but that their sexual paths are diverging.

The movie is well written and achingly sincere, more so than Trick or Get Real, both of which had a Fairy Tale (pardon the pun) quality about them. This film lies closer to the French films Wild Reeds and Full Speed than these. In Nico and Dani the passion seems real, and there is sour with the sweet.

The Spanish seacoast location is gorgeous, as are the characters, who are hardly stereotypes for the most part. The two guys are believable as 16-year-olds (even though about 20). For this reason my rating is a 9, well above the 7+ average rating that is current.

Director: Cesc Gay
Writers: Tomàs Aragay (as Tomás Aragay), Cesc Gay
Stars: Fernando Ramallo, Jordi Vilches, Marieta Orozco
Country: Spain
Language: Catalan | Spanish | English
Release Date: 16 June 2000 (Spain)
Also Known As: Nico and Dani
Filming Locations: Castelldefels, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Nico And Dani 2000

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 5.97 GiB
Duration : 1 h 30 min
Overall bit rate : 9 434 kb/s

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