Millimeterle 2016

Millimeterle 2016

Millimeterle 2016

Millimeterle 2016
16min | Short , Drama | 2016 (Switzerland)


X jumps first. Down in the water, he’s not allowed to change position. The goal for Y and Z is to jump as close as possible to X. The one who jumps closest to X wins the game. Measuring their power and proving themselves is part of the boys’ everyday life. Even for the 13-year old gentle-natured Yannik. Until his best friend’s upcoming sexual curiosity suddenly puts him in a threatening situation. Where is the line between game and reality and what happens if that line is crossed?

User review:

“The Lord of Flies”. The deep fears and special form of cruelty of childhood and forms of domination. And inner demons. A not comfortable short film but so well crafted, splendid embroidery of details than it becomes one of great supports of reflection about an age and a theme. Few boys, a pool, evening,a gesture, a confrontation, a lie and its terrible revenge. The game of nuances, the wise use of ambiguity, the imppecable cinematography and the performances are basic virtues of this short film reminding dark sides of the near reality.

Director: Pascal Reinmann
Stars: Maurice Schnieper, Thierry Brunnschweiler
Country: Switzerland
Language: Swiss German
Release Date: 2016 (Switzerland)

Millimeterle 2016 Millimeterle 2016

Millimeterle 2016 Millimeterle 2016

Millimeterle 2016 Millimeterle 2016

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Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media
Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size : 200 MiB
Duration : 15 min 46 s
Overall bit rate : 1 769 kb/s
Writing application : Lavf57.71.100

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1080p version:

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 408 MiB
Duration : 15 min 46 s
Overall bit rate : 3 612 kb/s

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13 Responses to Millimeterle 2016

  1. ApplePop432 says:

    The download isn’t working on my MacBook.

  2. bhm says:

    New version added

  3. Paolo says:

    Can you fix the link?

  4. Orion4 says:

    (SPOILER ALERT) This is one powerful short movie! Nuances eventually lead to a forced boy-on-boy rape -amongst best friends- where the motive is “I wanted to see what it felt like”. Believe it!
    After watching this excellent drama, you’ll never doubt the physical strength & sexual potential of the adolescent male- a dangerous mix of emerging adult, surrounded by a child-like mind.
    Please comment back, if this topic has been previously explored in cinema.

    • rixx says:

      I wonder why my comment seems to be the only reply? You make a very good point. Powerful film.

      • Devon McNally says:

        I cannot recall a film where the act could be described as “rape” but I have seen a number of films where boys have “experimented” and then one of them regrets it and either turns on the other (as in this short film) or refuses to discuss it or acts like it never happened, etc. Usually one is gay and into his straight friend and the straight friend is either curious or just goes for it in the sperm of the moment – but it usually ends badly, or at least with one pretending it never happened. It’s a common theme in gay coming-of-age films.

      • markus says:

        Devon. Yes, I see lot of those movies too. But those films (like “Boys 2016” or “Un juego 2016”) it is innocent experiment. With regret. Like you say.

        But Millimeterle, act is pure rape. Other boy genitals touching other boy hole without permission or cooperation). Very different thing.

        Our country just was a court case. Schoolboys was bullying one boy, and try to put stick into his “place”. Boys convicted child molesting and rape.

  5. bhm says:

    1080p version added.

  6. lance says:

    rape is an act of force from one person onto another person resulting in unwanting sexual penetration

    to touch another persons penis and butthole is what they call sexual harassment

    • Markus says:

      This case, another boy try, by force, to penetrate the hole. But don’t know, that need some lubricate. That is the only reason, why he isn’t manage to do that. Another boy screaming him to stop, and try to escape. So … this isn’t harassment. This is rape.

      And very good movie to show, that kind of situation. Another boy want to know, how it’s feel … and that leading to direct act of crime. Ofc he doesn’t realize that, because they are only a boys.

      • digi says:

        There is no question that this was rape (or at the very least: attempted rape). It is a compelling and shocking story.
        There is a desperate need for these boys to think about their lack of frontal lobe development before they kill themselves. Problems with boundaries, respect, empathy, the fact that these boys see that taking is easier than talking, and then aren’t even remotely thinking things through.
        Growing up, my friends and I did some really illegal, stupid, careless, and risky things. The answer to “why?” was a shrug of our shoulders or — as in the case of this short film: we wanted to know what it felt like.
        I’ve gotten pissed off at my friends, and they of me… we usually never directly talked about whatever the issues were — regardless of how cruel to each other we were — we always ended up back as nothing ever happened. The why? Because we were boys, and that’s what boys do — {regardless of whether they are gay or straight}… I believe there was a chance of redemption between the two boys — I WAS ONLY KIDDING — but after breaking his friend’s arm (by proxy — poor kid) that was the last step in the escalating cruelty they showed for each other.
        Orion 4 — yes — Take a look at *I am not afraid* — it has similar elements… but with fantasy.

  7. Comentator says:

    I saw the film quickly, it seems to me the sexual discoveries of pre-teens and their conflicts with hormones in addition to the moral contradictions between the participants, in my view the film portrays very young adolescents, the director wanted to emphasize the homosexual appeal without exaggerating the lack of modesty, perhaps another film about another context involving a more athletic 16-year-old would be better, I noticed that in this short film there is an attempt at abuse in addition to the harassment between them, the film also showed quick clips of the feet of one of the characters without making it clear if there was some meaning to it or fetish as to the plot. I believe is better if other history about boy atlhetic 16 age, feets, sandals and prostitution.

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