Mammo 1994

Mammo 1994

Mammo 1994

Mammo 1994
2h 10m | Drama | Release date: June 8, 1994 (India)


13 year old Riyaz lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay, India, with his grandmother, Fayyuzi, and her sister, Mehmooda alias Mammo. Quite outspoken and embittered over his dad abandoning him, Riyaz does not have many friends, save for Rohan. When Mammo plans a surprise birthday party for him, Riyaz is offended as he believes his friends will make fun of him as his lifestyle is not as good as their’s. Fayyuzi and Riyaz have an argument with Mammo, and she leaves for the Mosque at Haji Ali, but returns when both apologize to her. Although Mammo was born in Panipat during the British Raj, she was one of thousands of Muslims who left for Pakistan. She was married over there, could not conceive, was branded a “barren woman”, and asked to leave. Having nowhere else to go, she came to live with her widowed sister in Bombay on a temporary Visa. Every month she would walk to the nearest Police Station and get an extension. She finally paid a Rs.4800/ as a bribe in order to get a permanent visa through Inspector Apte. When Apte was transferred, a new Police Inspector took over, processed her papers, held her to be an illegal immigrant, arrested her, had her escorted to the Bombay Central Railway Station, board the Frontier Mail, which would return her to Pakistan. Riyaz and Fayyuzi make every possible attempt to trace and bring her back, which was all in vain. Now 20 years later, Riyaz has grown up and has written a book about his Mammo, hoping that someday, somewhere she will find it and they will be reunited again.

User review:

Shyam Bengal and Khalid Mohammed’s brainchild – Mammo – leaves an everlasting impact on one’s mind. Being born and brought up in a Muslim household in Lucknow, I related to Mammo on multiple levels. Every scene, dialogue, background score gave me something to relish. A feeling that one does not get these days, a feeling that makes you remember your childhood and old women that you called nanis and dadis.

The simple truth about partition showed in this movie hits the viewers to the core. Mammo is an experience that will be acknowledges and adored by the viewers who have spent a significant chunk of their childhood under the guidance of their grand moms and their sisters. Farida Jalal gave wings to the character while Surekha Sikri left no stone unturned to portray the complex character of Fijji and she aced it. Indian Cinema can’t get better than this.

Director: Shyam Benegal
Writers: Khalid Mohamed, Shama Zaidi, Javed Siddiqui
Stars: Farida Jalal, Surekha Sikri, Amit Phalke
Country of origin: India
Language: Hindi

Mammo 1994

Mammo 1994

Mammo 1994

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