L’ultima notte 2003

L'ultima notte 2003

L’ultima notte 2003

L’ultima notte 2003
16min | Drama, Short | 20 October 2004 (USA)


When a French speaking Canadian couple hire a Russian speaking male prostitute for a ménage-à-trois to spice up their sex lives, the results are not as they expected.

User review:

A young man is lying on a bed playing with a small toy. A young woman enters with another young man in tow. Soon its apparent that she’s the friend of the first young man and has gone out seeking the second young man (a hustler).

The three begin to get more intimate and end up by having a ménage-à-trois. Although it’s unclear it seems that the woman is disappointed that her boyfriend is interested in other men.

Was this an experiment? Was it the fulfillment of a shared fantasy? While it’s unclear it does seem that no one (except perhaps the hustler) got what they wanted out of the night.

Personally I enjoyed this film but craved a little more clarity. If I had seen this film 20 years ago I would have been blown away but times have changed and there was very little that was new in the emotional terrain covered by this film.

As it was, it was filmed beautifully and you did begin very quickly to care for all three of these attractive young people but I needed a bit more to hang my emotions on in order to make this a truly great film experience.

Director: Mateo Guez (as Mathieu Guez)
Writer: Mateo Guez (as Mathieu Guez)
Stars: Gregory Barco, Adrien Laligue, Clémence Thioly
Country: Canada
Language: French
Release Date: 20 October 2004 (USA)

L'ultima notte 2003 L'ultima notte 2003

L'ultima notte 2003 L'ultima notte 2003

L'ultima notte 2003 L'ultima notte 2003

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Duration : 15 min 54 s
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