Leave Us Alone 1975

Leave Us Alone 1975

Leave Us Alone 1975

Leave Us Alone 1975
La’ os være (original title)
1h 22min | Drama | 3 February 1975 (Denmark)


A group from a ten to sixteen-year-old Danish educational center breaks the rules there and goes to an uninhabited island in a stolen boat. When the boat disappears, they are left to themselves, and their holiday turns into a nightmare: peer pressure, serious violence, accidents. But for some of them also an experience of love.

User review:

The fascination of the young body

But it does not take a basic journalistic research to realize that Nielsen / Johansen was and is very fascinated by the very young body. When they can get away with it, the instructor couple takes care of lots of skin – naked scrubs in the summer country, and in the borderland between the completely innocent and the sexual.

“Curious” on flourishing homosexuality

Several of the film’s scenes are very “curious” about young blossoming homosexuality, as two of the half-sized boys snuggle on the blanket in the camp and full of mutual fascination find that they both have stiff dicks and additionally “get it weird” (read : In the cool way). And in other scenes, it gets kissed and grumbled on strangling teen boobs.

Flirting with rape

“Let’s be” also flirts with rape and sexual humiliation – and not just as part of the rising tension between the stranded youth (s). As they have been isolated long enough, things are tightening to a degree, and the tensions are tapping into regular criminal mischief.

Directors: Ernst Johansen, Lasse Nielsen
Writers: Carsten Nielsen, Lasse Nielsen
Stars: Martin Højmark, Ole Meyer, Jens Wagn Rasmussen
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Release Date: 3 February 1975 (Denmark


Leave Us Alone 1975 Leave Us Alone 1975

Leave Us Alone 1975 Leave Us Alone 1975

Leave Us Alone 1975 Leave Us Alone 1975

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Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
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Duration : 1 h 21 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 5 624 kb/s

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    Where can I get this movie?

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