Le Petit Roi 1933

Le Petit Roi 1933

Le Petit Roi 1933

Le Petit Roi 1933
Comedy, Drama | 21 November 1933 (France)


In an imaginary country ,Michel VIII is still a child but he is to reign when his time comes.Revolution threatens and the young monarch’s entourage lies to him and even tries to get rid of him.He makes friend with an anarchist who sneaks into the park of his castle.Later ,this false friend tries to murder him in the cathedral;Returning good for evil ,he forgives him and cannot prevent his execution.Because of his poor health ,he is sent to the south of France ,but he does not know his mother -he thinks she’s dead- is living there.

User review:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the hard-governed Kingdom of Pannonia was on the verge of revolt. An attack is preparing against the young king of 12 years old, a boy far too young for the charge which he has just inherited from his terrible father, murdered dead. Without a parent, having only a benevolent governess as a friend, the young boy wastes away without the Court’s intriguers being concerned about it… Freely adapted from a novel by the writer-historian of Alsatian origin André Lichtenberger, The Little Kingremained for a long time untraceable, for legal reasons it seems. The film takes place in two parts, the first dark part with a rather heavy atmosphere, marked by the confinement of the young boy (even his bed looks like a cage). This part is the most successful; fortunately, it is the longest. The second part, brighter and even joyful, is much less remarkable. She uses fairly conventional methods to become a dreadful teardrop. Julien Duvivier finds Robert Lynen, the young actor with whom he had filmed his second version of Poil de Carotte the previous year. He does a great job, expressing well the mixture of innocence and fatalism that characterizes his character (we can measure the difference when he meets a girl who has a really terrible game).The Little King is a film that deserves to be discovered.

Director: Julien Duvivier
Writers: André Lichtenberger (novel), Julien Duvivier
Stars: Robert Lynen, Arlette Marchal, Béatrice Bretty
Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 21 November 1933 (France)
Also Known As: Der kleine König
Filming Locations: Studios Pathé-Natan, Joinville-le-pont, Val-de-Marne, France

Le Petit Roi 1933 Le Petit Roi 1933

Le Petit Roi 1933 boyhoodmovies

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14 Responses to Le Petit Roi 1933

  1. Gerald says:

    Is it possible to replace it ? Rare film.

  2. me says:

    please can you upload it again.

  3. California says:

    Just adding my voice to request for reup, if possible. Such a rare, vintage movie deserves as much preservation as possible, imo.

  4. adel nashed says:


  5. David Rayner says:

    Any list of films starring French boy star and later war hero Robert Lynen (1920 – 1944) should not ignore his staggeringly excellent performance in his debut film, Julien Duvivier’s “POIL DE CAROTTE”, in which Robert became a star overnight when the film was released in France in 1932 when he was 12.

    Unfortunately, although a huge hit in France, it was refused a certificate and rejected by the British Board of Film Censors at the time, effectively banning it from being shown in British cinemas, probably because of Robert’s nude scene in the film and because they were worried that if children were able to see the scene where Robert’s character tries to commit suicide by hanging himself in a barn, they may copy what they had seen him do on the screen with tragic results. The film is available on a French DVD without English sub-titles and an American Criterion DVD with English sub-titles.

    When World War Two broke out and the Germans invaded France, Robert joined the French Resistance and was eventually caught by the Gestapo and executed along with fourteen of his comrades. He was a very brave man!

    • bhm says:

      First of all, thank you for your great comment and many thanks for the information. Second, OMG… I didn’t noticed this removed movie 🙁 I will re-up A.S.A.P

  6. bhm says:

    Download link added

  7. Wim Huizing says:

    It is a pity that you did not do what you promised: to re-upload ‘POIL DE CAROTTE’. Can you please show us this wonderful movie again??
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Wim Huizing says:

    I’m sorry to ask for it for so long, but I can’t find ‘Poil de carotte’ anywhere in your long list of special, beautiful and fun films. I tried ‘Red Hair’ as well, but no success …

      • Wim Huizing says:

        I am sorry I was inconvenient, and may not be clear in my request. Yes, I meant that very old movie from almost 100 years ago. But my bookstore helped me and has found a DVD containing the movie in this 1925 version. Which will be sent to me at the end of next week. I was curious about the mentioned 1932 film [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0023345/] but could not find it… and so were you probably.

  9. bhm says:

    Posted 🙂

  10. Wim Huizing says:


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