In the Fire 2023

In the Fire 2023

In the Fire 2023

In the Fire 2023
1h 27m | Thriller | Release date: June 24, 2023 (Italy)


A doctor from New York (Amber Heard) travels to a remote plantation in the 1890s to care for a disturbed boy who seems to have inexplicable abilities. She begins treating the child, but in doing so ignites a war of science versus religion with the local priest who believes the boy is possessed by the Devil and is the reason for all the village’s woes.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for some violent content and brief sexuality.

User review:

In the Fire is a gorgeous looking film. Shot predominantly in Italy’s Puglia region, the hilly pastures and bucolic shacks feel lived-in and authentic to its 1890s setting. When Grace first meets Martin, each frame is lit with considerable care as any clue of his condition falls within a shadow.

Zaini’s intense glare complements Martin’s uncertain air of wickedness and is well accompanied by Heard’s kind-natured Grace. In the Fire marks Heard’s first step in reclaiming her narrative as a performer, and without prejudice, she does an admirable job. Heard possesses a deep, soothing tone of voice when portraying psychiatrist Grace, warmly earning the trust of both Martin and the viewer. She becomes somewhat of a surrogate mother to Martin when she and his lonesome father (Eduardo Noriega) begin a romantic relationship. In assessment with Grace, Martin reveals more and more of what led him to disarray, including the guilt surrounding the incidental death of his mother. Grace believes Martin can be cured medically, much to the dismay of the town.

Director: Conor Allyn
Writers: Conor Allyn, Pascal Borno, Silvio Muraglia
Stars: Amber Heard, Eduardo Noriega, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini
Countries of origin: Italy, United States
Language: English

In the Fire 2023

In the Fire 2023

In the Fire 2023

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 5.20 GiB
Duration : 1 h 26 min
Overall bit rate : 8 558 kb/s

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