Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011
O Inferno (original title)
20min | Short, Drama, Thriller | May 2011 (Portugal)


You can think of swimming pools, shinny wet grass, maybe heat and sex. There is no subway, no train station. You take three buses if you don’t have a car. You can live well there. Probably nothing else comes to mind.

User review:

Rafael, a man who cleans the pool of a rich contemporary house, gets involved with two seductive female employees from the same house, the cleaning maid and the babysitter, and with whom he enjoys all the delights of nature on afternoons of carnal encounters. A child, son of the often absent owner of the house, is exposed daily to the sexual fantasies of the three employees in his father’s room, and threatens to report them if Rafael does not satisfy a disturbing request, the result of the sexual curiosity of the child, naturally devoid of filters and moral. In the course of that afternoon, Rafael’s paradise becomes a spiral of guilt and paranoia.

Director: Carlos Conceição
Writer: Carlos Conceição
Stars: Ricardo de Sá, Maria Albergaria, Maria Leite
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: May 2011 (Portugal)
Also Known As: Hell, or Pool Cleaning


Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011 Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011 Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011 Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

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Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media
Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size : 797 MiB
Duration : 20 min 51 s
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 5 343 kb/s

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9 Responses to Hell, or Pool Cleaning 2011

  1. Noah Katula says:

    How do. I watch this

  2. bhm says:

    Better copy added

  3. Sat Naung The says:

    I like that.

  4. Anon2k20 says:

    I wish the encounter between Rafael and Nico’s sexual desire curiosity continued for a long time like weeks or months then little by little the secrets began to come out.

  5. Anonymous 69 says:

    This is the first short film I saw where the young boy has actually managed to force an adult man to show his d*ck in front of him but not just a small show but he actually forced the man to strip off his shorts and his underwear completely to showed his fully erect p*enis in front of him. Wow thats a bold move for a young boy. He was so manipulative at a young age. I wouldn’t surprise if next time he will force the man to let him touch it in a fully erected state. I just don’t understand the ending cause the one I saw doesn’t have eng subs. Is the man in trouble or it’s just his paranoia and the boy actually didn’t tell what he requested to him? I mean if I’m that young boy I will use it so I can ask him for more naughty requests that he cannot refuse.

  6. Mime Jr says:

    The kid seems to be very crafty and manipulative. He went through stages to get the poolboy Rafael, to show his cock. And when he refused to show it to him erect, he resulted in threatening the man. Rafael knew his threat was credible enough and being just the employee of this boy’s father, it was still his word against his. It would still get him in trouble. The next scenes starts and worsens Rafael’s paranoia. But all had one thing in common. It was all because of the boy Nico asking or telling strange things to his father, and then his babysitter that would result in interrogating or lashing out at Rafael. Thinking he might be caught and in tears he almost takes the opportunity to shoot them all while he sees the 3 inside the house talking.

    However, the conversation ends in smiles and they leave the room. So it looks like the boy never told after all. The boy is then seen staring back at him blankly at the pool. It is just my interpretation but I assume Rafael realized in horror that the boy who seems to have a crush on him is not yet finished playing with him. The quote shown at the start of the film also backs this up(shown below.) I would definitely take advantage of him if I was the little boy. Even if Rafael would come clean, society would not side with him.

    “It’s your fault, the little prince said: i meant no harm but you wanted me to tame you”

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