Guo Zhao Guan 2018

Guo Zhao Guan 2018

Guo Zhao Guan 2018

Guo Zhao Guan 2018
1h 33m | Drama, Family | Release date: October 17, 2018 (China)


An old man who barely survived from the Cultural Revolution is told that his friend is currently suffering from hemiplegia. Having survived the Cultural Revolution together, the old man set off on a journey to see his friend. By tricycle, he takes his seven-year-old grandson on the back seat. With the form of a Road Movie, he meets a wide range of people on the road while sharing warm words as he travels. This film is based on the memory of the director’s grandfather. Whenever the little grandson is terrified by something strange while slowly following the country road in China, the grandfather teaches the kid the benefits of familiarity. The wisdom he shares gives us the strength of mind to melt emotional barriers.

User review:

A pleasant low budget road movie featuring a trip to a dying old friend with a slow three-wheel motorcycle by a grandpa and his grandson.

Made beautiful to watch with heartwarming views of nature and the wise teachings from Confucius advising the meaningfulness of being a good person without prejudice but with good will, perseverance and patience.

Highlighting the differences between the generations split by the harsh requirements of today’s modern hectic world forcing people to work hard leaving insufficient time for their family and parents, and the old generations for whom to stay alive during difficult times of the past with solidarity, patience and hope for a better future for future generations was more important, a successful piece of work leaving its mark on one’s mind. Recommended…

Director: Meng Huo
Writer: Meng Huo
Stars: Taiyi Yang, Yunhu Li, Dongcai Nie
Country of origin: China
Language: Mandarin
Also known as: Crossing the Border – Zhaoguan

Guo Zhao Guan 2018

Guo Zhao Guan 2018

Guo Zhao Guan 2018

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 7.07 GiB
Duration : 1 h 33 min
Overall bit rate : 10.9 Mb/s

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