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  1. Habman says:

    Anyone know how Daniel is doing the last few years?
    he’s still young. I hope he has a home and doing ok. Family had some rough, rough times.

    • larry says:

      i just now seeing this film post and notice its been removed–how do i get to watch it now-upload it and send link to my email if like

  2. Matt says:

    While I support individual freedoms, as well as agreeing with the assertion that nudity and naturism should be an accepted lifestyle, this video made me uncomfortable.

    The human body and sexuality are not always the same thing, which is why I found some of the photographic choices in this video to be rather exploitative. It also undermines the virtue of valid freedom of expression movements.

    • Eabc says:

      I haven’t downloaded the video and don’t intend doing so. He’s a real kid, his mum who got him into this is in jail. He’s still underage. I have no idea how he is doing but putting edited highlights online of him naked through puberty is not going to help and is most likely illegal in many jurisdictions. Just my views.

      • Thierry B. says:

        Si la nudité juvénile et prépubère vous dérange: ne regardez pas ! Le Puritanisme est une maladie mentale qui se soigne avec un(e) bon(ne) Psy. J’aime la gent masculine nue à tout âge. Où est le problème avec la Nudité naturelle ? Vous confondez Nudité et Pornographie. Vous êtes un grand malade. Je trouve ce garçon très beau et il me plaît de le regarder. Lâchez-nous avec votre Morale obscurantiste et nauséabonde !!! Ça suffit maintenant vos conneries de culs-bénits !!! La Nature est la Nature. La Nouvelle Ère ( l’Ère du verseau ) vous renverra dans les poubelles de l’Histoire. Je suis contre toutes les lois puritaines. chaque Être Humain naît libre; vous n’avez pas le droit d’entraver vos Semblables, simplement parce que vous êtes frustré !!!

    • Thierry B. says:

      Comment a-t-on pu en arriver là, et lire de tels commentaires obscurantistes en 2022…!!!??? Je suis atterré par un tel moralisme et une telle régression… Il est temps d’en finir avec la Morale, et de revivre libre comme dans les années 1970 et 1980 ! La Nudité est naturelle; ne confondez pas Nudité et Pornographie !!! Vous devriez aller consulter un(e) Psy pour vous faire aider.

      • Eabc says:

        Thierry it’s nice that you are against all Puritan Laws, but unfortunatuely the police quite like them and they get the final say.

        We can all have an opinion if this should be illegal and may be it is not where you live. But I hope this site does not start including material that is probably illegal where I and others live because it will draw a lot of bad attention and increases the risk the whole site will be gone or people getting in trouble for visiting here at all.

  3. Don Komro says:

    BHM, don’t you think you owe it to us readers why the AltTeenBlog has not been updated for many weeks now?
    Just tell us what is going on, please! Don

  4. Habman says:

    Gypsy was arrested for stalking one of Daniels 14 year old school friends. They put a restraining order on her, but she kept writing him love letters and broke her order and tried to see him around the school.

    She was found guilty and has been in prison for I think three years. On her blog she says she should be out in a year or so. This left her three kids without a home.

    the older boy, Nebosvod gonzalez. lives in a small trailer. He has a youtube channel, but he never talks about whats happening. I just hope Daniel found a home. I’m sure he did somewhere, maybe with his older sister.

    • Jesse D says:

      That is complete bull sheet. The charges against Gypsy Taub were dropped. The alleged victim said, “nothing happened, he was never harmed”.

  5. bhhhh says:

    The video is corrupted, impossible to play it.

  6. Orion4 says:

    This video of an 11-15 y.o. boy with his cock swinging around for 18 minutes is illegal. We learned about such a ruling a decade ago, with the Azov Films case, in Canada plus numerous other countries. Underage nude/naturist video, sexual or not, with a focus on genitals, is child pornography. Some of the Azov owners and users are still in prison. Please remove the video.

  7. digi says:

    Matt and Eabc: Great points.
    My take: Watch it and then delete it…
    Although it isn’t close to being any definition of child pornography — it is certainly exploitive.
    The short fails two of two tests: Is it listed on IMDB? no
    On its surface — does the movie have any redeeming value? Art for art’s sake? not really — but with proper editing, it could.
    We can all agree that these brothers are adorable — but we could do without the obvious exploitation.
    This piece would have done much better if it were edited into a true documentary on how it was growing up as the teenaged children of a militant nudist — Poor Daniel was yawning all throughout and It would have been nice if the brothers had more than just one line.
    FYI: I took just a few seconds to look up the family on their social networking — the kids all have YouTube channels, are talented in the Arts, and SEEM to be well adjusted.

  8. Ludo-Rible says:

    Non mais sérieux !! Il n’y a rien d’illégal là-dedans… arrêtez de voir le mal partout… au contraire, c’est un défilé pour la bonne cause ! Qu’est-ce que l’ont s’en fout de l’entre-jambes d’un pré-ados… Un pénis c’est un pénis… donc faites pas vos choquez les gens :S

    • Eabc says:

      In my country this is certainly enough to have you arrested. Would a judge find you guilty? I would rather not try to find out. It is about the purpose of the video, it is edited specifically to be about the boy. The video of him at the events, when they are events in full, that is ok. But just editing the boy sections together shows a different purpose for the video and makes it (I think) illegal. That is the case in lots of western countries. It is all about why the video was made, not really about what it shows.

      • Howard says:

        I vehemently disagree. No matter how the scenes are edited, its the observer who decides how to see it. We see example of this daily. Certain Muslim men react inappropriately upon viewing women in bathing suits. That is due to the environment they were raised in. This documentary, no matter how it is edited shows nothing distasteful.

  9. Thierry B. says:

    Pourriez-vous SVP restaurer cette vidéo ? Je trouve révoltant et scandaleux que pour 6 Puritains, vous l’ayez supprimée. IL NE FAUT JAMAIS, JAMAIS, CÉDER AU FASCISME; ET ENCORE MOINS MORAL ET RELIGIEUX !!! SVP: restaurez la vidéo que nous puissions la regarder normalement. Merci !

  10. Verdun says:

    This video seems to show a kind of summary of what we can observe on the other videos of the Love Parades in San Francisco and I have to admit that Gypsy made a good job in order to fight for the freedom of nudity in public places there. The previous comments show two different sides of understanding of the feature film with Damiel we know very happy to have followed his mother on such occasions. We may regret that this video was deleted as it may have provided a better quality than the other videos online here and there. Thank you 😉

  11. digi says:

    To Ludo-Rible, Thierry B., Franz Josef Haglauer, Verdun:

    I understand and AGREE with you guys… HOWEVER, there shouldn’t be anything available here that could get anyone in trouble — especially our sysop bhm. Regardless of how unfair, puritan or fascist you many think bhm’s decision is to remove this film, it is his neck on-the-line and ultimately his decision of what video stays or goes.

    Times may change, but society says that nudist films are generally okay — and even “pause button moments” in a film are generally okay… what is generally NOT okay is the exploitation of minors — especially in a way which can only be explained as packaging a film in which its only value is titillation. Most (I wish it was all of us) here do not want children harmed in any way. Using a child as a sex object (although we add a caveat: without any consent, express or implied) is a crime — period. This film does not pass that scrutiny in most country’s courts of law.

    This is a website which contains a database of movies; movies that are linked here and can even be purchased from Amazon. Once bhm loses sight of that, it loses all it’s legitimacy. When credibility is gone, all it takes is one asshole to shut this site down. Why take any chances?

  12. Jon says:

    It doesn’t make a difference, but Daniel turned 18 this year.
    After seeing some of Nebosvod’s recent social media posts, I’m not certain that I’d say he’s “a normal well adjusted kid”. It appears his raising has impacted him, as would be expected.

  13. Cart says:

    Pleasew upload it again

  14. Howard Bannister says:

    UPDATE: I just realized this is the same family led by nudism activist Gypsy Taub, who was partners with David DePape until 2014. DePape attacked Paul Pelosi (US Senator Nancy Pelosi’s) husband in his home on oct 28 2022 with a hammer. Pelosi is expected to survive. Inti Gonzalez, the daughter of Gypsy and sister to Daniel and his brother, said he was a “monster” and a sexual abuser to her and her brothers. Such a sad story.

  15. Clay says:

    Please upload it again. If not, send it to my email, thanks

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