Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021
1h 41m | Biography, Crime, Drama | Release date: March 23, 2022 (France)


In 1905, French seminarian Bruno Reidel is found guilty of murdering a child. At the request of the doctors observing him, he writes his memoirs to explain his action.

User review:

Chilling, disturbing, the true face of horror. Not for all audiences, not destined to be a blockbuster, you think of Robert Bresson cinema, very raw, austere, shorn, the true story of a young boy who became a killer. It may be seen as a documentary, about how people lived in those days, early 1900’s in the deep French countryside, and above all a deep analysis of the human nature, thru the picture of this young boy. The off voice is more than useful, disturbing, shocking, incredible to hear and believe but true. This young boy, in a class room, among his fellow eight or ten years old students, who deeply thinks about killing them, slowly and with the feeling of excitment. From a true story. I have never felt so unconfortable in my movie goer 59 years life. Never. The contrast between the quietness of the countryside charm and the nasty, unbearable, unforgettable atmosphere is purely indescribable.

Director: Vincent Le Port
Writer: Vincent Le Port
Stars: Dimitri Doré, Jean-Luc Vincent, Roman Villedieu
Country of origin: France
Languages: French, Latin
Also known as: Bruno Reidal, Confessions of a Murderer

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

Bruno Reidal 2021

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Format version : Version 4
File size : 6.12 GiB
Duration : 1 h 41 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 8 633 kb/s

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5 Responses to Bruno Reidal 2021

  1. Jeff says:

    This is a disturbing but captivating show. But well acted with the settings part of the atmosphere. As well it is incredibly sad for the story of the boy, the effect of his upbringing and the obvious lack of understanding of the adults of this period in authority.

  2. TB says:

    Very very poor quality and no subs. The images show subs but the actualy video file HAS NO SUBS

    • bhm says:

      Actualy you are wrong. There is 2 subtitle in the movie (Russian, English). You will find it if you use the VLC media player.

  3. james siple says:

    this movie is a very disturbing plot, but it is worth watching if you like movies like this too

  4. Pavel says:

    Scary movie. I feel sorry for that boy. Sure – an act does not excuse a provious life, thousand of people have lived through this. But would you like to experience what he did? So I don´t….

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