Barnens O 1980

Barnens O 1980

Barnens O 1980

Barnens O 1980
Barnens Ö (original title)
1h 49min | Drama | 25 December 1980 (Sweden)


Reine is supposed to go to a summer camp called Children’s Island but decides to remain in Stockholm over the summer while his mother is working at a hospital. She thinks he is at the camp, and he tells her he is. We then follow him around Stockholm that summer and see what he encounters on the path of life.

User review:

This is one of those movies ,where nothing special is happening and then theres that one scene where your jaws drop lol.. and you’re like WOW did i really saw what i just saw? Amazing how in those days people were more free and less judging then now , its almost like we are going backwards rather then forward with being more free. That special part of the movie ,in my eyes in that one little thing people always seem to somehow forget, that no matter how cute and adorable or innocent your or whos ever child may look , when they come to thay age, they arent really much different then you (the adult). Its hard to accept that fact ,but thats the way it is. Yes, one could say ,well they could have made that part be less obvious, we’d still get it, .. yes true, they could have, but as then and specially now, there are soo many disgusting murders and whatnot in todays movies, but somehow that is accepted and normal ,even when your 8yo is watching it, you dont mind it? Just think about it.. what is more normal to see or know about , that movie part or butchering movies. I loved the JMJ soundtracks in it ,and alos that airal part where you can see Stockholm from the choppa together with JMJ’s music is a perfect fit! As far as acting goes, well.. i’ve seen better but its a pass. As far as the plot goes, i’d do it differently some parts of the movie were too fast , and needed to be more slow, while others that were slow, could have been more faster.

Director: Kay Pollak
Writers: P.C. Jersild (book), Ola Olsson
Stars: Tomas Fryk, Anita Ekström, Ingvar Hirdwall
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Release Date: 19 May 1983 (Hungary)
Also Known As: Children’s Island

Barnens O 1980 Barnens O 1980

Barnens O 1980 Barnens O 1980

Barnens O 1980 boyhoodmovies

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Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
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Duration : 1 h 43 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 5 796 kb/s

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    The LInk is doesnt work.

  2. teq0x says:

    New version (best quality) added to Nitroflare and Ausfile! Enjoy!

  3. . says:

    Made me cum

  4. bananaman says:

    sooooo cute

  5. montesquieu says:

    Neither Nitroflare or Ausfile will allow free downloads of this movie!

  6. johny says:

    Is this the uncensored version? Please reply.

  7. bhm says:

    Download link added!

  8. Lowen says:

    This movie is pretty good

  9. Frantic Freak says:

    Good movie for kid,but some country 25yo +……

  10. Jkiobjj says:

    You can see his hard penis

  11. idk says:

    the link says its only for premium

  12. jeff says:

    do NOT watch this with your girlfriends parents.
    It got a little awkward.

  13. Robert E Metzner says:

    I tried 3x to download and it always errors out with “disk full”. Is there some sort of time limit on the process?

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