1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013
1h 20min | Drama | 21 June 2013 (Canada)


Antoine, 13, spends the summer vacation with his parents in a rented cottage on an island in the middle of the Saint-Lawrence River. His neighbour, 17-year-old Anna, is an enigmatic and lively young woman. Antoine begins to experience the first stirrings of love-which soon yield a troubling brew of anxiety, desire and obsession. He eventually comes across a terrible secret that will forever change his life.


These cruel moments of emotional truth, which pass through a line of dialogue, a delicate gesture, even an intention, contribute to making the “world” of 1st love a closed place of an engaging poetic realism. And if the long shots of nature or the inserts of insects are not the most inspired, they fit well in this context where, in a place limited in time and space, take place inevitable adventures that nothing can stop. Skilfully avoiding over-guilting his characters, the film suggests that we do not always control what we do, which in cinema is not obvious given the need to justify the characters and their actions.

Director: Guillaume Sylvestre
Writers: Guillaume Sylvestre (screenplay), Ivan Turgenev (novel)
Stars: Macha Grenon, Marianne Fortier, Pierre-Luc Brillant
Country: Canada
Language: French
Release Date: 21 June 2013 (Canada)
Also Known As: Premier amou


1er amour 2013 1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013 1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013 1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013 1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013

1er amour 2013

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 3.07 GiB
Duration : 1 h 20 min
Overall bit rate : 5 476 kb/s

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6 Responses to 1er amour 2013

  1. John says:

    Fantastic movie.! Don’t let the review comment spoil it about “unfulfilled potential” as an unrequited love story. It’s so much more than that. If anything perhaps it is mis-titled. It’s not a 1st love story (thank God). It’s never violent. In other words, it’s not Hollywood. Yes, Antoine is in love with Anna, and it is unrequited, and painful, and yes, he’s only 13 and learning about relationships, but what he is learning is the pain that comes from all the betrayal he sees all around him. Antoine is one of those contemplative, moody 13 year olds, who understands things far more than anyone can imagine, far more than they do, you can tell that just by looking at him, and he rises above it all, keeps his integrity. And no, at the end, he won’t just gloss it over like nothing happened. There ARE 13 year olds like that. Don’t kid yourself. Add to that the melancholy music from JS Bach and you have a GREAT movie.

  2. Ilegator says:

    Ausfile link is broken

  3. pong says:

    nitroflare link please. thanks. 🙂

  4. Evan says:

    Poor Antoine, he had some cute titters to go with his curly hair and she wouldn’t even take a taste of his tinkle!!!

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