Warwick Rowers 2019 – Holiday Preview Film

Warwick Rowers 2019 - Holiday Preview Film

Warwick Rowers 2019 – Holiday Preview Film

Warwick Rowers 2019 – Holiday Preview Film
62min | Documentary |


Holiday Preview Film

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File size : 4.04 GiB
Duration : 1 h 1 min
Overall bit rate : 9 437 kb/s

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15 Responses to Warwick Rowers 2019 – Holiday Preview Film

  1. Jonny says:

    It’s not my intention to be critical, but is BoyHoodMovies running out of content? Recently, movies posted are less about boyhood and more sexual.

  2. nm says:

    Everything is ok! You can give even more sexual content 😉

  3. T Bloom says:

    You are doing great and your content is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. jaackov says:

    I agree with Jonny. We come here to get introduced with boyhood movies. Gay movies and clips are not rare and may be found in porn sites. A man’s body is not a beautiful thing and I’m not interested in it. I’m not also interested in pure sex. I come here to see deep love sessions between beautiful boys and older guys.

  5. olfboy says:

    agree…. all of content are perfect

  6. Master says:

    In response to Jonny, I can imagine that it must be becoming difficult to find the sort of movies that make up the core of this website, i.e. true boy boyhood movies. So yes, there are more films with older males beyond 18. Like Jonny I wish it were not so.

    There is the additional problem that the films that could be made in the past now become much more difficult to create because of modern day taboos around child nudity that seemingly have conquered the world. Not that nudity should ever be the central theme of any film, unless they are about naturism.

    What happens to be incidental nudity that was just part of life in a movie should not be lost.

    This website does a great service in preserving access to older movies that are going to be less easy to find in the future, possibly. Long may it continue and credit due to BHM.

  7. markus says:

    I Think the material is limited. There is no new material nowdays and old material was produced old times.

    Same thing is a hardcore porn. When i was a teenager, there and home internet was coming to mainstream, there is lot more pure twink porn with authentic twinks, than nowdays. Today’s “twink” is near 25-30 year old actor than a real twink. I imagine there is a legal resons. They want to make 100% sure, there is no CP allegations.

    Then old porn is better than new ones. More realistic.

    I Think same thing is a boyhood movies. Nowdays “boys” are 20 year old actors. Old movies has authentic boys playing sometimes very hard roles.

    But that isn’t BHM:s fault. Collection is limited. Someday every movie is collected and shared.

  8. Anthony C. says:

    I have listed some suggestions in case you are short on titles. All of these seem very difficult to find online.
    Bulle Bare Bor Her (2003) (Norway) Short
    Les Fourberies De Scapin (1981)
    TĂ€towierung (1967)
    The Sex Files (1999)
    Dagen Van Gras (2011)
    Genii I Zlodei Ukhodyashchey Epokhi (2007)
    Le Premier Eté (2014)
    Screen Two (1985)
    Train Of Dreams (1987)
    Quiero ser (I want to be…) (2000)
    Cebollitas (1997)
    Tartsan Koivula Suomalaisessa LeppÀmetsÀssÀ (1980)
    Shackles (1993)
    L’Enfer (2005)
    Un Nos Ola’ Leuad (1991)
    Putovanie Do San Jaga (1973)
    Varikotsele U Detey (1982)
    Muj PrĂ­tel D’Artagnan (1991)
    Herzklopfen (1985)
    Was Kostet Der Sieg? (1981)
    SkĂĄidi (1995)
    Mars Colony (2020)
    Chuzhaya Kompaniya (1979)
    Los Abandonados – Die Niemandskinder Von Camanducaia (1984)
    Syn (1987)
    Promis… jurĂ©! (1987)
    La Colo (1992)
    Les Allumettes Suédoises (1996)
    Siroce (1978)
    Muj PrĂ­tel D’Artagnan (1991)
    Topiltzin (1975)
    Rvanye Bashmaki (1933)
    Det Unge GrĂŠnsevĂŠrn (1939)
    Kde PadajĂ­ Hvezdy (1996) Episode: 3 Title: “V Pasti”
    Among The Cinders (1984)
    Les Joyeuses Colonies De Vacances (1979)
    Diary Of A Teenage Nudist (2004)
    Tema (1992)
    Le Baiser Sous La Cloche (1998)
    Brutal Childhood (1989)
    Austeria (1982)
    Prince Alexey. Life And Death Of The Successor: Summer At The Black Sea (2005)
    Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996)
    This is an awesome resource so keep up the solid work!!

  9. Franz-Josef Haglauer says:

    A fine work! I have more than 9.000 movies with or about boys in my list. But you also must find them…!
    I think we have no right to criticize this site. It is bhm’s site and he can put on it whatever he wants! I know some people also call young men in their late twenties “Boys”. I don’t agree with this and I am not interested in this “gay stuff”, especially in this movie I miss any hint of “boyish charm”. But you should do it like me: Ignore these movies and enjoy the rest!!

  10. Master says:

    I have been educated! Over 9,000 is an astonishing number, but yes where do you find them? Even the mighty BHM can’t have that many.

    • Franz-Josef Haglauer says:

      It was the work of many years… My sources were Heiners Filmseiten, Blizzardkid and many other sites – some of them have disapeared long time ago… But it is hard to find the complete movies for download – and this is the great chance of Boyhoodmovies…!

  11. Master says:

    Sadly, has the Internet changed for the worse in the sense that whilst quantity has vastly increased, quality has diminished? Certainly possibly a stricter place as for example Youtube is much more censored than in it’s earlier years? In relation to Boyhood Movies, as I have mentioned elsewhere, unlikely that the sort of films produced in the past will be produced in the future.

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