The Toy 1976

The Toy 1976

The Toy 1976

The Toy 1976
Le jouet (original title)


When François, a journalist, is touring a big store for an article, he is chosen by the son of the owner, Rambal-Cochet, as his new toy. All afraid of the despotic industrialist who is also the newspaper’s owner, François is forced to agree to this masquerade. Becoming the friend of the child, he induces him, who wants to make a newspaper, to unveil publicly the real tyrannical way of life of his father.

User review:

pierre richard is one of the great physical comedians of this or any other era. richard’s body language, facial expressions, and line deliveries are as much a part of his characters as are the twitches of groucho’s moustache or the twirls of chaplin’s cane. yep, he’s one of the immortals in my book.

bewilderment, pain, false certainty, bluffed courage, sadness and secret joy flit across his face as fast as the plot requires. he can telegraph a mood by how he sits down in a chair — or stands up.

in this one he plays a journalist who, working for a rupert-murdoch figure, will do anything to keep his job, including being the non-sexual-but-still-dominated “toy” of his employer’s foul son.

this film is as far superior to the later American version as the sun is to a lit match…

Director: Francis Veber
Writer: Francis Veber
Stars: Pierre Richard, Michel Bouquet, Fabrice Greco
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Also known as: The Toy

The Toy 1976

The Toy 1976

The Toy 1976

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Duration : 1 h 33 min
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