Point de fuite 1987

Point de fuite 1987

Point de fuite 1987

Point de fuite 1987
10min | Short, Comedy | 18 September 2010 (Greece)


A new teacher comes to class to teach a lesson on a complicated math theorem. The class is waiting completely nude and catches her off guard. She takes off her clothes before the beginning of her lesson. During the lesson, the students put their clothes back on and take away her clothes, as she is concentrated solely on the theorem. Upon finishing, she is embarrassed that they are clothed and she is left naked, but there is now someone at the door. The class ask the unknown to come in, and they find a naked teacher but clothed students. Inspired by a mathematical rhetoric.

User review:

it could have a lot of interpretations. parable about perspective to see reality, joke against the young teacher, need to be different or to dominate. in fact, it is only a film about the spirit of an age. about the war between teacher and students, about the desire to be accepted of the first, about cruelty forms of the second. nothing new, surprising or remarkable. the lesson, the revenge, the passion of the young woman to explain the lesson, ignoring the change, the open door and her embarrassment are normal ingredients of a honest view about school. and about the looking for symbols, special significations of the public.

Director: Olivier Smolders
Writers: Marcel Mariën (based on a story by), Olivier Smolders
Stars: Catherine Aymerie, François Galland, Stéphanie Dessens
Country of origin: Belgium
Language: French
Also known as: A Matter of Perspective

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 374 MiB
Duration : 9 min 58 s
Overall bit rate : 5 241 kb/s

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    I transcribed English subtitles I found and created a synced English subtitle for this short film here:

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