Peyote 2013

Peyote 2013

Peyote 2013
1h 10min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 26 November 2013 (USA)


Pablo, a shy teenager, meets Marco, who is a few years older than him. Together they go on a impromptu road trip to the Mexican desert, a trip that will make them face what they mean to each other. This experience will turn Pablo’s life around: his points of view, his strength and his own sexuality. Two guys and a video camera that will record their friendship, struggles and the possibility to find another destiny.

User review:

I do not want to write very much about this film, except to say that it is exceptional. The beginning is wonderful, where one of the actors plays like the child he still is. It is so perfectly done that it brings back memories of childhood. Then he meets the other boy, and the get to know each other and take the temperature of their friendship; the rest I will let you see for yourself. what is exceptional about this film is that none of the traditional Hollywood tricks is used here. The only thing which is presented, and why it works so well, is that the Director takes his time, letting the actors FIND the emotion as it slowly builds. it is so rare to see a film where emotion finds its way, instead of being automatic and forced. This makes it so much more real than most of what one sees today – with music swelling in the background to tell us what we , the spectators, should be feeling. In other words, in this film, it gives everyone the time to feel; instead of telling us what to feel, it lets us discover …ourselves.

Director: Omar Flores Sarabia
Writers: Sabdyel Almazán, Omar Flores Sarabia
Stars: Joe Diazzi, Carlos Luque

Peyote 2013 Peyote 2013

Peyote 2013 Peyote 2013

Peyote 2013 Peyote 2013

Peyote 2013

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 3.12 GiB
Duration : 1 h 11 min
Overall bit rate : 6 246 kb/s

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