Nitroflare’s new shorted domain

Nitroflare’s new shorted domain

Following illegal blocks of our domain; in some countries, we have decided to add s shorted domain address that will allow access to our site:


All the files you will upload to Nitroflare starting today will recieve a link with a shorted URL.
The files with the regular address will remain active, but new uploads will appear in shorted addresses only.

Your login credentials to the shorted domain are the same as for the regular address.

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8 Responses to Nitroflare’s new shorted domain

  1. Jack Dennis says:

    So now what? Nothing downloads, password does not reset? I just paid for premium service and get nothing !

  2. Dario says:

    Sadly their prices have become ridiculous. $100 a year is bad enough, but then to add a further $30 in “charges” is taking the piss. What’s the first $100, if not a charge?

  3. ian says:

    Ive done the above and it still gets blocked ?

  4. papajohn says:

    I also have problems downloading. The entire nitroflare download system is now blocked by all my computer’s malware and security programs. What did you guys do?

    • lightbearer says:

      If it’s blocked by your Virus Protector, you can add it to your “white list”, which tells program it’s a safe link/website.
      If your Internet Service Provider is blocking Nitroflare, the best thing to do is change the DNS service you use on your computer. DNS by default is run by your ISP.
      1. Type “network connections” in search box next to Windows Start.
      2. Select View Network Connections
      3. Right-click and select Properties
      4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4. the press Properties button below.
      5. Select “Use the following DNS server address
      6. Enter on first line and on second – this is Googles DNS service.
      7. If that does not work, use this alternate provider: /

  5. Stephen says:

    I’m looking for a vid on here that I know I saw on this site where it’s a battle going on in Philippines—I think. There’s a scene where the younger boys (teen age) are thrown in a pit with barbed wire because they will not fight as soldiers in the army. One is taken out, his age around 16 and his clothes are taken off and he put on a just the spring board underneath a mattress and hands tied behind him and slapped with a thick rope on his butt and shocked a bit.

    It’s a foreign film—so it had English subtitles—I saw it on Amazon prime once and then it got removed from my history and I can’t think of the name. I tried looking for a contact you link but none was to be found.

    Can you please Admin or owner of this site tell me the name of the movie? I will be forever grateful.

  6. Jack says:

    Any chance service will return to it’s original process? I have not yet been able to come close to downloading a single file and my password in nitro will no longer work, despite being reset many times. Nothing works either on this site or on Nitro

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