Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988
Hei tai yang 731 (original title)
1h 45min | Drama, History, Horror | 1 December 1988 (Hong Kong)


Story of a Japanese terror camp in the end of WW2, where the Japanese are using the Chinese as guinea pigs in terrible experiments to develop deadly bacterial-plagues.

User review:

“Men Behind The Sun” belongs to a totally different category than “Cannibal Holocaust,” to which everyone seems to measure up this movie. I haven’t seen its other installments, but this first “Men Behind The Sun” is a genuine historical drama with a strong documentary feel, and the notorious torture/experiments scenes only emphasize the film’s brooding purpose. Hell, I will go as far as to say that this has far more in common with “Schindler’s List” than with the horror genre. Purely in terms of “disgust” aspect, I guess it doesn’t surpass “Cannibal Holocaust,” but because this movie deals with the actual historical events, it actually turned out to be way more disturbing, despite the “fake documentary” style used in “Cannibal Holocaust.” This movie is not a video nasty despite its brutal content. This is very strong and disturbing stuff, but it should be seen.

Director: Tun-Fei Mou
Writers: Mei Liu, Wen Yuan Mou, Dun Jing Teng
Stars: Gang Wang, Dai Yao Wu, Runshen Wang
Country of origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Also known as: Men Behind the Sun

Man Behind the Sun 1988 Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988 Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988 Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988 Man Behind the Sun 1988

Man Behind the Sun 1988 Man Behind the Sun 1988

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 4.93 GiB
Duration : 1 h 45 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 6 714 kb/s

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I warn you! This is very strong and disturbing movie! Be aware this before download it!!!!

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6 Responses to Man Behind the Sun 1988

  1. Max White says:

    I really liked the scene when “A 10-year-old mute Chinese boy is playfully undressed before an experiment”

  2. mike says:

    this is a sick movie. should be removed.

    • digi says:

      SPOILER ALERT <<<<<<<<<<<<<

      Disturbing or not: If this wasn't a "based on a true story" I would agree with you about having it removed… It would amount to watching a snuff film and we don't need to support that kind of filth.

      I will agree that what the director showed was depraved:
      What they did to that innocent child was beyond revolting — The director could have removed the dissection scenes totally… just showing the doctors put the organs in the jars and be equally effective.

      And that cat scene — did it really need to draw that out?

      Thank you for the heads up Mods.

    • Thomas says:

      Absolutely not. It is not Harry Potter, it is not sci-fi or action movie, where are rivers of blood. It is true story from our history and should be part of education each student.

  3. digi says:

    Thomas: I agree and because it is true — You cannot, under any circumstances, sugar-coat it.
    Shindler’s List, Borderland, and Ravenous (to name a few true-life movies ) are not shy about using gore and pain to make its point.
    There are a few “bullying” movies (King Jack comes to mind) where I had to ask myself why it was so violent. The answer: If it was toned down it would lose its effectiveness to deliver its message re: bullying,
    On the other hand, the violence and gore in many movies were playing to shock, for shock value.
    I was so pissed off at one movie for showing a kid’s mom getting her fingers cut off. The ending was a scene of the boy’s brains being splattered all over the road (because some dude was texting while driving). — It seemed like the whole pretext of the movie was just showing gratuitous gore, and, What kind of hell can I put my son through in in my movie? (The young actor was the director’s son), and Don’t text while driving, It was a big fuck-you to the viewer.

  4. Philatanus says:

    Awesome film! Thanks for sharing!

    The comment about removing it, is absurd. The warning is in place for the “Sensitive Viewer”!

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