In the Name of the Father 2002

In the Name of the Father 2002

In the Name of the Father 2002

In the Name of the Father 2002
Em Nome do Pai (original title)
17m | Short, Drama | 2002 (Brasil)


In the suburb of Săo Paulo, this banal love story takes place. A common family, father,
mother, two children, the dog… and the hidden…the perverse desires of violence.

User review:

It’s very hard to characterize this short film. I was very attracted by its music, which is a somewhat mournful bassoon solo, and I suppose how you respond to it will depend a great deal on your own attitudes toward its taboo subject-matter.

Only 17 minutes long, I would characterize it as very compact and extremely well made, in terms of both the crafting of the very short screen-play, and in the economy of its direction and acting, which was riveting.

However, it’s hard to say if it’s a black comedy with humor similar to some of the darker scenes of the Japanese film, Tampopo, or a short story intended to be taken seriously.

For a black comedy, it has a very brooding atmosphere; for a brooding, melancholy, disturbing film, it has a somewhat abrupt, almost humorous ending–and so it’s hard to say what one should make of it.

However, it’s SO short, that it isn’t as if you are investing a great deal to find out how you feel about it, and I doubt that anyone would be COMPLETELY disappointed by it, because it is crafted very well: the subtle symbolism reminded me a great deal of playwright Lanford Wilson: a ceiling lamp which needs a bulb replacement, for example, representing a family secret which has been carefully hidden by and from all.

I found it rather engaging, but I think I would have preferred a longer treatment–a feature length–so that the plot resolution could have had far more justification and build-up than it had.

Director: Júlio Maria Pessoa
Writer: Júlio Maria Pessoa
Stars: Elias Andreato, Leonardo Miggiorin, Denise Weinberg
Country of origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Also known as: In the Name of the Father

In the Name of the Father 2002

In the Name of the Father 2002

In the Name of the Father 2002

In the Name of the Father 2002

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 138 MiB
Duration : 17 min 11 s
Overall bit rate : 1 123 kb/s

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