Gates to Paradise 1968

Gates to Paradise 1968

Gates to Paradise 1968

Gates to Paradise 1968
1h 29m | Drama | Release date: June 1968 (United Kingdom)


A group of children left their homes to follow Jacques de Cloyes (John Fordyce) in his pilgrim to Jerusalem. Jacques is saying that he had heard the Voice of God telling him to go to Jerusalem to find the grave of Jesus. While on their way there, a monk (Lionel Stander) accompany them. Some of the children (girls and boys) makes a confession to the monk, their unrequited love for Jacques, their jealousies. Last one to confess was Jacques himself, a boy so beautiful that girls and boys and even man fell in love with him. In the end, is it really the Voice of God he heard?

User review:

First of all I have to confess that the version I saw was a dubbed German version and this probably helps the film because Lionel Stander best known for his role in HART TO HART is probably the last person in the world you’d employ to portray a former crusader turned monk in 13th century Europe taking the confessions of young teens on the Children’s Crusade . Not being up on German accents this gives the film a uniformity that one suspects might be missing in the original English language version

The second point was I had no knowledge whatsoever as to what I expecting . I had vaguely heard on the 13th Century children’s crusade that apparently ended in complete disaster but most historians consider this crusade to be a complete work of fiction . I had of course heard of Andrzej Wajda and KANAL remains one of my favourite pieces of European cinema but being a Pole one might prejudge Wajda of being someone who’s going to take a genuine ecclesiastical and portray it as historical and spiritual fact . If nothing else it’s a warning to never prejudge anyone or anything because this isn’t what takes place

Bare in mind this is a totally unknown film . As an IMDb junkie I’d never heard of it and to my knowledge it’s never been broadcast on British network television and long before the end titles appear you know why this is . At the centre of the story is a pederast Count Ludovic who has been manipulating two of the key characters to his own ends , namely to satisfy his own sexual desires . We don’t get any explicit scenes of child rape but even so it does make for a rather disturbing film which even for 1968 when the Hays Code was becoming increasingly redundant sail very close to the wind

At the heart of the story is a subtext that everyone should be aware of false prophets of whatever philosophical persuasion . Some people will of course view this film as a critique of religion , that all religions are based on myth and legends and this is a film for secular humanists . Indeed it is but one can also view it as a critique on the secular religion of communism where humanity’s faith on a doctrine that conditions the concept of greed out of human beings is no less true that a Bronze Age Palestinian Jew being crucified for our sins is . It’s notable that two apes follow he Crusade on its travels and perhaps the point is that only human evolution can save humanity for itself

Director: Andrzej Wajda
Writers: Jerzy Andrzejewski, Donald Howarth
Stars: Lionel Stander, Ferdy Mayne, Pauline Challoner
Countries of origin: United Kingdom, Yugoslavia
Language: English
Also known as: Gates to Paradise
Filming locations: Centralni Filmski Studio Kosutnjak, Belgrade, Serbia

Gates to Paradise 1968

Gates to Paradise 1968

Gates to Paradise 1968

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Duration : 1 h 18 min
Overall bit rate : 2 683 kb/s

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