Foreign Uncle 2021

Foreign Uncle 2021

Foreign Uncle 2021

Foreign Uncle 2021
20m | Short, Drama | 2021 (USA)


Sining brings his American boyfriend, Patrick, back to China to visit his family. After Sining accidentally comes out to them, everyone’s attitude towards Patrick goes south – except for Sining’s 7-year-old nephew, Naonao.

User review:

My quest to find short films that exemplify the structural and character-driven narrative that I espouse has been met: “Foreign Uncle” fits the bill perfectly. Everything about this 20-minute film is exceptional and offers an excellent example for the study of all films, not just short ones. It isn’t message driven though it offers a valuable lesson if one is required. It isn’t overly populated with tried-and-true cliches, even though it contains a few, the right number. It isn’t hard-nosed American, nor is it tight-fisted Chinese. It is human. And as a study of two cultures exploring one another, it feels not just right but down-right perfect. It isn’t struggling with the good, the bad, and the desperate to be found in the Foreign Uncle or in the family he is visiting. Instead, it is a carefully observed commentary on the expectations of one group (the matrons) and the acceptances in another (the nephew). Watching Sining’s splendid short film is probably the best twenty minutes that I’ve had in a long, long time.

Director: Sining Xiang
Writer: Sining Xiang
Stars: Haozhe Wang, Patrick Boyd, Li Li
Countries of origin: United States, China
Languages: English, Chinese

Foreign Uncle 2021

Foreign Uncle 2021

Foreign Uncle 2021

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 426 MiB
Duration : 19 min 58 s
Overall bit rate : 2 982 kb/s
Writing application : Lavf58.76.100
Writing library : Lavf58.76.100

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2 Responses to Foreign Uncle 2021

  1. sholominima says:

    This seems interesting and cute.
    Sadly I can’t download from this website. Too slow, especially with my poor internet connection that sometimes goes off.

  2. 4rave says:

    Really Beautiful.

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