Falcon Lake 2022

Falcon Lake 2022

Falcon Lake 2022

Falcon Lake 2022
1h 40m | Drama, Romance | Release date: October 14, 2022 (Canada)


Bastien and Chloé spend their summer vacation with their families at a lake cabin in Quebec, haunted by a ghost legend. Despite the age gap between them, the two teenagers form a singular bond. Ready to overcome his worst fears to earn a place in Chloé’s heart, the holiday becomes a turbulent pivotal moment for the young boy.

User review:

I fully agree with the excellent reviews of the film by Blue-Grotto and comcockbot (the later obviously sat in the same screening as I), and their discription of the story is better than I would be able to deliver. So I will focus on the way the film appeared to me.

Nowadays hardly anyone uses the old academy standard aspect ratio of 1:1.33 anymore and I was a bit sceptic if this stands for an amateuric attempt or fake docu a la Blair Witch Project.

Far from it! The film consists of very controlled settings from the first to the last scene, there is nothing in it that doesn’t advance the story or the mood of the film. At the same time it still manages to give you the feeling of an relaxed and slightly boring vacation time for a teenager. Minimal camera movements and long takes with no movement, always a tic longes as we are used to, gives you some uncomfortable moments and you don’t know what to do with them, is there something more scary coming or is it just a joke to offset us? The film shifts between the trivial and harmless talks of the grownups and the more daring themes that the two protagonists discuss. The ghost story does appear to come and go. Again, is it just a joke of has it a deeper meaning? Find out for yourself.

Despite the fact the the scenes around the lake have not been technically enhanced, the lake looks not exciting but not mysterious either, the nature is beautiful as it is. The boy and the girl are both great actors and you always believe them in their struggles. The ending has been mentioned as to short to digest, yes, that is true, a bit more time would have been great. But all in all a beautiful film, very well planned and executed, congratulations!

Director: Charlotte Le Bon
Writers: François Choquet, Charlotte Le Bon, Bastien Vives
Stars: Joseph Engel, Sara Montpetit, Monia Chokri
Countries of origin: France, Canada
Languages: French, English
Filming locations: Laurentides region, Québec, Canada

Falcon Lake 2022

Falcon Lake 2022

Falcon Lake 2022

Falcon Lake 2022

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 6.66 GiB
Duration : 1 h 40 min
Overall bit rate : 9 499 kb/s

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5 Responses to Falcon Lake 2022

    • markus says:

      I must add. Those subs are little out of sync, but little tweak, everything working fine. Frame rate is correct.

      Better than nothing (:

  1. John says:


    Go to
    You will see that three subs are available.
    Click on them.
    You need the top one with the title TRUEFRENCH

    Subs are correct and in sync.

    • markus says:

      Ah Thank You!

      I made some little mistake, because I noticed that TRUEFRENCH AMZN filename-thing. But then I must push some wrong link/button and after I wrote here, wonder why that isn’t fully work, because the file name was so perfect. I accidentally picked wrong one. But yes. Now that working. BTW movie is very good!

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