Dungeon of Lust 1976

Dungeon of Lust 1976

Dungeon of Lust 1976
58min | Adult, Crime


A man dreams that his girlfriend is kidnapped by white slavers; but is it a dream or a premonition?

User review:

Jean Wagner (Annette Haven, credited as Cheryl Nelson) lives with her boy friend Jim. One day she visits photographer Bill. He makes his pictures in the basement of a building and soon seduces her. Bedore she can leave, he hits her over the head. Unconscious she is dumped in the dungeon, where another girl is already hold prisoner. While Bill and his friends sexually abuse the two girls, Jim is seduced by Rosie, a new neighbor who wants to borrow some sugar. But after their rendez-vous Jim does his job and is just in time to save Jean.

This movie is quite awful actually. The acting is bad. The story is unacceptable. The way the creepy photographer talks Jean out of her clothes is… beyond believe. The way Rosie seduces a worried Jim is very unlikely in real life. The sets are cheap and so are the props. When you think this movie has a promising title, you are wrong. There is no trace of horror, gore or sleaze in this movie, it is just an old fashioned hardcore flick. The version I saw was a very bad copy of the 10th VHS copy of this movie. The picture had no details, the sound was hard to hear among the noise and the colors were off all the time. It probably was the 1997 version by Something Weird Video.

There is one plus for this movie: Annette Haven, one of the finest porn stars, is in it. But alas, this is definitely not her best movie. Au contraire. She doesn’t act really, just goes through the motions as a veteran porn star. Their is no comparison to her performances in “Coffee, Tea or Me” or “Barbara Broadcast”.

To wrap it up: a bad hardcore movie. You are wise to avoid it. For me a 2 out of 10.

Director: Roger Harts
Writer: George Grimes
Stars: Steve Boyd, Annette Haven, Bonnie Holiday


Dungeon of Lust 1976 Dungeon of Lust 1976

Dungeon of Lust 1976 Dungeon of Lust 1976

Dungeon of Lust 1976 Dungeon of Lust 1976

Dungeon of Lust 1976

Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 500 MiB
Duration : 49 min 58 s
Overall bit rate : 1 398 kb/s

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