Daddy 2015

Daddy 2015

Daddy 2015

Daddy 2015
1h 3min | Drama, Family | July 2015 (USA)


‘When he finds out his girl is pregnant, a troubled teen changes his ways and tries passionately to prepare for fatherhood, but he has an extremely hard time to cope with the unexpected and shocking challenge he is facing ……’

User review:

Mahmoud’s riveting story put a new angle on “Love” the abortion issue- the dilemma caused by a boy who wants to battle to keep his child, who wants his baby who loves his baby. The film opens with scenes showing the growing relationship between two 14 years old teenagers, Ray and Sarah. It shows that both have a need and desire for love. Ray has been orphaned at a young age and lives with his aunt, in the movie most striking scene Ray visits his parents graveside marked by 2 large marble stones. He starts to speak to them and then convulses tears that show his desperate regret at their passing. It’s like he is saying “I need you so badly at this hard time.” and ends up lying face down on the grave stones. it shows the need one has for stability and love after the loss of parents. As the film progresses Sarah has a deep dream which shows her fears when undergoing an abortion. She obviously has to seek an alternative solution. Ray on the other hand thinks they can make it and care for the child. He dreams about marrying Sarah and living in a house provided by his aunt with a special room for the baby… In another stunning scene Sarah says NO to this saying “We are too young”, and uttering the movie’s best line “How can you be a good father when you never had one yourself?” Nevertheless Ray continues to progress gaining two jobs and feeling still that they can make it. Without giving away the ending the last scene is more well done that any other and leaves you with the lasting impression that society and humanity has to find a way of completely eradicating the problem of “Teen Pregnancy”. One important thought came flooding into my mind. Why was Ray so avid about keeping the child. It was obvious by his angst that he found the thought of it overwhelming. The film Director Mahmoud said ” He wanted to be the father he never had.” Its a great thought. One major conclusion struck me. In my lifetime I have met many teens who have struggled without parents, especially sons without father’s. Ray was poking for love early at 14 years old may be in the wrong direction. As things worked out a substitute father figure may have been better. The movie sparks these kind of thoughts as you watch Ray and Sarah struggle to work out their dilemma. This is a social problem which needs serious attention. The movie is very well paced and just on right length. It has a very appropriate and nice score composed by Greek talented composer George Palousis who Mahmoud Shoolizadeh as a director personally consulted concerning the music and George really did great job.

Despite the fact that Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, the director of the film “Daddy” has made his feature film with all talented volunteer Cast and Crew, and with almost zero budget, he has done several tasks (Producer, Director, Editor, Special effect, Title Designer and….) in his film. In this difficult situation, the film is stunning and amazing. I can just say : “Daddy” is very effective, emotional, realistic and believable.

I am sure that “Daddy” will stay in your heart for a long time and I am still thinking about it. You should see for yourself this stunning Story telling, Directing, Cinematography, Music Composing and great ensemble Cast specially the two lead roles ( Ian Doherty and Alyssa Marchelletta )and great supporting roles portraying Sarah’s parents (Kenny Logsdon and Karen Overstreet)and very effective hospital receptionist near the end of the film (Stevie Conway), Great job.”

Director: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh
Writers: Dena McKinnon (screenplay), Mahmoud Shoolizadeh (based on a story written by)
Stars: Debbie Cato, Stevie Conway, Luis Costa Jr.
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: July 2015 (USA)

Daddy 2015 Daddy 2015

Daddy 2015 Daddy 2015

Daddy 2015 Daddy 2015

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Format version : Version 4
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Duration : 1 h 0 min
Overall bit rate : 8 781 kb/s

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