Child’s Play (1980)

Child's Play (1980)

Child’s Play (1980)

Child’s Play (1980)
27min | Short, Thriller


Lonely orphan Conrad (Paul Schoeman) not only had to suffer the loss of both parents in a drowning accident, but is also stuck in a home at the mercy of the icy, evil and cruel Miss DeRopp (Savannah Bentley). Mostly forced to stay indoors, denied friends and kept sickly and frail by his new guardian (who it’s strongly hinted at also sexually abuses the poor boy), Conrad’s only companion is his beloved pet chicken Cackler. A neighborhood boy (Bill Barrett) might have the solution to his problems, though. For two silver candlesticks, he promises to give Conrad a rare, vicious, growling and cunning animal with supernatural abilities, which supposedly was coveted in the past by Egyptian pharaohs, Borneo pirates and even Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Eventually the trade is made, Conrad gets the creature (it’s basically just a barely-seen, small black dog) and – after Miss DeRopp kills Cackler and serves him up as dinner – uses it to get revenge.

Director: Amy Rose Bloch
Writers: Amy Rose Bloch, John Farrell
Stars: Paul Schoeman, Savannah Bentley, Bill Barret
Country: USA
Language: English

Child's Play (1980) Child's Play (1980)

Child's Play (1980) Child's Play (1980)

Child's Play (1980) Child's Play (1980)

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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 211 MiB
Duration : 28 min 32 s
Overall bit rate : 1 033 kb/s

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