A Matter of Trust 2022

A Matter of Trust 2022

A Matter of Trust 2022

A Matter of Trust 2022
Ingen kender dagen (original title)
1h 45m | Drama | Release date: October 27, 2022 (Denmark)


On a perfectly ordinary late summer day, the lives of five unrelated people are turned upside down. A husband, a doctor, a wife, a student, and a young daughter are unsuspectingly put on a collision course with each their own fateful crossroads. In search of love, identity, and moral gauge they all risk the most precious aspect of life: Trust. But trust is vulnerable, and the consequences will be irreversible, forbidden and embarrassingly amusing.

User review:

The anthology begins with the story of a doctor (played by Trine Dyrholm) who is the medical officer on board a repatriation flight back to Afghanistan. Focused on fulfilling her Hippocratic Oath and ignoring politics, the doctor finds her non-committal stance tested when she learns details about the passengers’ lives.

Just as the doctor’s flight is getting going, the film changes to the next story. It follows the embarrassing travails of student Emil (Emil Aron Dorph) whose candid photo has gone viral at his high school. Bullied in class, Emil flees school and wanders kilometres along a country road, only for his teacher to drive past and offer him a lift.

The most light-hearted of the stories concerns Adam (Jakob Cedegren), a rather pompous married man who has rented an Airbnb in the countryside to hook up with an also-married colleague for a weekend. Adam’s plans for adultery are thwarted by the nosy owner of the holiday house, resulting in some awkward and hilarious outcomes.

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The remaining stories offer more sinister undertones. That’s the case with young couple Simon (Morten Hee Andersen) and the pregnant Maja (Sofie Juul Blinkenberg), who are attending a funeral for someone Simon knew from high school. Simon seems nervous at the service and it’s slowly revealed that he is not welcome at the gathering. The final story seems darker still: a mother (Ene Øster Bendtsen) and her daughter are walking along a beach, but it’s no mere stroll, the girl has a black eye and the pair are obviously fleeing.

A Matter of Trust jumps in and out of these five stories, sometimes revealing much and sometimes tantalisingly little. And while the narrative arc of the doctor travelling to Afghanistan feels complete, the story of the mother and daughter running away, and of the couple attending the funeral, feel somewhat incomplete and perhaps not as strong as the other chapters.

The fact that the five tales in A Matter of Trust are unrelated will be a hurdle for some. As will some of the ambiguity in the plot lines of the five narratives. But the film overall is a rewarding experience, where patience leads the viewer to thought-provoking moments and striking imagery.

Director: Annette K. Olesen
Writers: Maren Louise Käehne, Annette K. Olesen
Stars: Annika Aakjær, Morten Hee Andersen, Ene Øster Bendtsen
Country of origin: Denmark
Language: Danish
Also known as: A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust 2022

A Matter of Trust 2022

A Matter of Trust 2022

A Matter of Trust 2022

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4
File size : 7.61 GiB
Duration : 1 h 45 min
Overall bit rate : 10.4 Mb/s

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