Left-handed 1972

Left-handed 1972

Left-handed 1972
X | 1h 28min | Adult | 7 April 1976 (France)

User review:

Having somehow gotten this film mixed up with Jack Deveau’s follow-up, DRIVE, I was disappointed to find no digressions into bargain-basement sci-fi. Instead, LEFT-HANDED offers a sensitive portrayal of a homosexual affair at the dawn of gay liberation.

We first meet Ray (Ray Frank), a handsome, long-haired New York artist type, as he cruises a nerdy young guy in a park restroom. Stopping by his friend Larry’s (Larry Burns) head shop afterward, he crosses paths with Bob (Robert Rikas), a handsome blonde who Larry assures Ray is straight.

Returning home, Ray fantasizes a sexual encounter with Bob while we simultaneously watch Bob make love to his girlfriend. Determining to make the handsome blonde, Ray contrives to meet him again at Larry’s and ask for a ride home. Inviting him inside, Ray seduces Bob after a few drinks, and the two end up making love.

Quickly, Bob begins ignoring his girlfriend and spending long weekends in the country with Ray, while Ray, lording his conquest over Larry, provokes his friend’s jealousy. As monotony begins to set in, Ray is tempted away by an invitation to an orgy at Larry’s. Most viewers won’t be too surprised by who else Larry saw fit to invite…

Handled at once deftly but with an eye for the experimental, LEFT-HANDED combines the best impulses of the early ’70s underground with a keen eye for naturalism. The limited number of locations never feels constrictive, as Deveau and his actors imbue them with such a keen sense of place that film feels like a time capsule 45 years later. While his roster of characters is similarly limited, Deveau also has a sharp eye for casting, scoring big with both Frank and Burns as emblems of the newly-liberated ’70s homosexual. If there’s any weak point, it’s Rikas, who comes off kind of dull, though even that aloofness fits his character. All the actors figures are suitably alluring and are well-shot by Deveau, with a particular highlight being a long, languid take of the gorgeous Frank trying on and then lounging around his apartment in a pair of deliciously revealing designer briefs.

A wonderful time capsule of the potential still held by pornographic cinema at the dawn of the ’70s, LEFT-HANDED is both serious and playful, a fascinating relic of a unique era of artistic and sexual liberation as well as a still-arousing porn film that features a troika of gorgeous studs. It may not have a cross-dressing Christopher Rage, but the film is well worth your time anyhow, and marks an auspicious debut for the talented Deveau.

Director: Jack Deveau
Stars: Ray Frank, Robert Rikas, Larry Burns
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 7 April 1976 (France)
Also Known As: Left Handed

Left-handed (1972)

88 min|Adult|April 7, 1976
7.4Rating: 7.4 / 10 from 18 users

Left-handed 1972 Left-handed 1972

Left-handed 1972 Left-handed 1972

Left-handed 1972 Left-handed 1972

Left-handed 1972 Left-handed 1972

Left-handed 1972

Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 743 MiB
Duration : 1 h 26 min
Overall bit rate : 1 199 kb/s
IsTruncated : Yes

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  1. Micky 5143 says:

    I thought this was BOYHOOD movies down load not MANHOOD movies down load. What happen to movies like
    Barnes-o or Baby bump.

    • bhm says:

      Yes, my site is focused the boyhood movies. But I’m gay man and I like the gay-themed movies too. So…there is lots of MANHOOD movies here, even adult movies with BIG HAIRY guy. Sorry I you don’t like this.

  2. Shy says:

    I’m immensely grateful for the uploads but I must agree with the original commenter. When you upload one movie per day, and post three adult movies one after the other, it’s incredibly disappointing. Nobody is stopping you from enjoying gay movies but it seems rather odd for you to be uploading them to a site called boyhood movies.
    Is it possible that you could set up a second domain for them, or at least ensure that whenever you upload an adult movie, you also find time to do a boyhood one the same day?
    Thanks so much for your hard work maintaining this site for no money!

    • bhm says:

      I fully understand your opinion, but unfortunately impossible to find new boyhood movie for every day. I can post some Disney shit with child actor, but that is too boring for me and it does not give me anything. However if I find a great gay movie with real adult action I will post it, because that movie is touched me. I never wanted to do a site where the owner published every day some shit movie just for the money.

      • John says:

        Well said!

        I think we are so lucky to have someone like you who is posting such excellent stuff. Some people seem to expect too much; after all, there are bound to be some things that we may not like as much as others. It would be a very dull and boring world if we all liked the same things.

        Please keep up the good work.

      • shay says:

        Thank you for not ranting in response to my comment. A lesser man would have vented. Yes, it has amazed me that you have managed to get as many great movies as you have, and as I said, I am IMMENSELY grateful that you do all this work and never even ask for donations, let alone hide it behind a pay wall. I can see that I had better send you a few more movies to help our fellow fans then! 🙂 thanks again for your hard work. Is there a way to send you a donation?

  3. bhm says:

    Thank you so much, but no need any donation or me 🙂 I’m always happy if I get some movie for my site 🙂

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